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Monday, Feb 02, 2010

15 months later….Are people ready for my thoughts on Twtter yet?

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This post first appeared about 15 months ago on the great website Download Squad. I am re-posting it here after all this time because like most observations I make/write about it was way ahead of its time and the sheer funturosity of it sent waves of fear into the hearts of the people who read the post…I know this because the comments were so harsh that shares in AOL fell off the table and fingers were pointed at me for all of the companies problems…but time has a funny way of proving me to be smarter than I look so I now share with you my early observation on the dangers of Twitter…and if you are still unsure if this is a joke at the end I will let you know now that I was just kidding….maybe.

If I keep using Twitter I will go blind!

I am very lucky because I have great parents who tried very hard to raise me with proper manners and values. I wasn’t always the best kid and had to hear the following two warnings from my parents far more than I should have….”unlock the door or you will go blind” and “put the keyboard down…you are ruining any chance you might have for beautiful penmanship”. Penmanship was a big deal in my house because even though my Dad is 6’4” and looks like a retired NBA All Star he has the kinda handwriting that Mavis Beacon could only dream of.

My parents meant well but were only half right…I never went blind but yes…I have horrible handwriting.

Thinking about the past got me thinking about the future and I wondered what I would be warning my kids about and I think the obvious answer is going to be Twitter!

Think about it…what is the real effect Twitter is having on society?

Give up?

Kids and grownups alike will start to not only talk but think thoughts 140 characters at a time.

I know I know, you are probably sitting reading this and thinking I am crazy but I swear I am already doing it. You can’t imagine how many times I have stood naked in the shower (that is sorta a trick statement because I am always naked in the shower but I encourage you to imagine it anyway) dreaming up clever and witty things to post on Twitter.

Witty things like….

I have put away my dream of writing the great American “Sabra” novel and replaced it with writing the greatest 140 character observations or retelling of my experiences in the world…something so clever that even Robert Scoble would re-tweet it.

This is serious folks. I keep hearing how people are worried about how twitter will make money…that is kids stuff compared to the real issue people should worry about. The future of communications as we know it.

I think we can all agree that children are our are future and if we teach them well we can let them lead the way but we are going to have to show them all the beauty they possess inside and I am not sure this can be accomplished at 140 characters at a time…but this is where we are going unless we put a stop to this right now. That is right…you heard me right…I am saying let’s take a stand now before we live in a world where job descriptions and personal ads will all fit into a neat box that says “What are you doing?”

It is too late to correct the handwriting epidemic in North America but it is never too late to take a stand on elongated communications.

So stand with me folks and stand proud the best way I know how…by becoming the most popular person on Twitter so I can make real change from the inside….so please follow my plight from at @saulcolt

  1. I lost you after the first 140 characters.

  2. you would be surprised how often I hear that 🙂

  3. The 40 Year Old Father about 10 years ago

    Anyone who quotes Whitney before she was with Bobby "My Name is Bobby" Brown, and went to The Devil's White Powder is all good in my books.

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