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Tuesday, Oct 10, 2007

20 Million Dollars…That is a whole lot of pennies!

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I am not a Nascar fan.

I have nothing against the sport or the people, I just can’t seem to get excited about it. That being said I did happen to catch a few minutes of the big race this weekend and saw something that was puzzling.

It was the #27 car.

We all know about the cars and how they are moving billboards for major brands looking to cement permanent relationships with the Nascar faithful….and I like that. There is nothing wrong with brash commercialism but I was still troubled by the sponsor of the #27 car.

Who was is you ask?


This kinda puzzled/bothered me because as a Charity (one that I collected many pennies for during my many Halloween outings as a child) I found it odd that they would spend the approx. $20 Million Dollars it takes to be a title sponsor when that money could go to better places.

Even if they got a Charity discount (does that exist in Nascar Sponsorship deals?) they would still be in the hook for a big chunk of the fee.

Now I understand this is advertising and the goal is to get many eyeballs on the name and the url but I wonder if this will end up being effective for them. I know I was turned off by it and even if I am blogging about it and giving them exposure it may not be the type of exposure they were hoping for.

*and if anyone knows if this was a freebie or something please feel free to chime in and call me stupid but I read every press release and couldn’t find any mention of that. The PR does mention that they hope the race will move people to donate in record numbers.


  1. Hi Saul,

    well, the most simple thing to do would be to call the press officer over at UNICEF and ask him/her if it was indeed a free-bie or if they did pay for it. 🙂

  2. Saul!! I found you!
    You can’t imagine how sad I was when I dropped by the Zipcar office in the new year to surprise you with a little thank you gift only to discover you weren’t there! More on that later… (I’ll drop you a note on facebook)

    …as for the Unicef/JV thing. Here is some additional information. There was any monetary “sponsorship” of the car as his ride is already fully funded and this was a special “one off” drive, so they used the car and their relationship with Jacques to reap some serious public awareness and launch a special initiative to raise funds.
    (Susan G. Komen foundation did a similar thing last year with their “Warriors in Pink” Campaign with Ford w/ the support of Katherine Legge and the Champ Car World Series) (can you tell I’m a motorsports writer? LOL!)

  3. Hi Meesh!

    Glad you found me and thanks for clearing this up!


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