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Tuesday, Jan 01, 2008

2007 – What I’ve Learned

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At the end of the year (or the beginning of a new one) people like to look back at the year that was and make lists. Lists about their favorite moment of the previous year, or best films etc.

Being the Smartest Man in the World, I pride myself on learning/mastering something every year. In 2005 I mastered lovemaking and in 2006 it was interpretive dance. 2007 was no different and since I am a fan of Esquire Magazine I decided to fill you in on my year by doing my very own installment of “What I’ve Learned“. For those not familiar with “What I’ve Learned” it is a super cool feature where a Celebrity states in point form any wisdom they have picked up in their lifetime.

My list is going to be far from complete but will feature a few tidbits from my life in the last 12 months.

  • -Never lobby to get a job for an old friend’s husband because it can bite you in the ass
  • -It isn’t always good to be the smartest person in the room
  • -After seeing films like Jesus Camp and The Kingdom I realized that there is no FUN in fundamentalism.
  • -There is a bunch of money to be made by adding the FUN to fundamentalism
  • -Moving sucks
  • -Reality shows featuring Hulk Hogan and Scott Baio can’t be interesting no matter how badly you are starved for something to watch.
  • -Dick Clark is still alive
  • -People will make a bunch of money in 2008 by saying they are a Web 2.0 expert
  • -Some pretty fancy people read this blog
  • -Most of the Nike’s for sale on eBay are fakes and you end up wearing them as winter boots
  • -Having two kids is 10 times the work as having one
  • -I miss TV. Please settle the strike because I can’t take any more bad reality shows
  • -Being happy at work is pretty important and can effect your overall heath and well being
  • -I am happy with my new job and predict big things for 2008
  • -The immediate future of television is looking like more poker and tattoo shows
  • -Water parks are great places to see bad boob tattoos and lots of inappropriate bathing suit choices
  • -Seeing a woman with two black eyes is no indication of how well she listens


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