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Wednesday, Aug 08, 2010

Leroy Neiman taught me something about impulse marketing.

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Leroy Neiman is one of my favorite artists. I am not sure if it is his style of painting or the fact that he painted professional athletes, playboy models and casinos. All things I was interested in when I discovered his work.

I am mentioning this all of this because last week I was minding my own business walking through a mall in Las Vegas and I was struck by this sign offering free admission to a Leroy Neiman gallery.

This completely drew me in and almost got me to add a piece to my Neiman collection (They had an original Mike Tyson painting for $135k that I wish I could afford. I was looking at a Mohammed Ali Serigraph but it was still out of my reach) and in all honestly about an hour later I felt silly for falling for the “Free Admission” to what is really just a retail shop in a mall but it spoke to my “I don’t like to be sold to but I sure like to buy stuff” mentality.

SO I ask you. What are you doing to make your product or service impulsive?

Is impulse something people think about in designing marketing?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

p.s. I love this painting.

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  2. In a world that is competing not just for wallets but eyeballs, I think that “impulse marketing” might have a place.

    Why do we love Twitter? Because we can have quick (impulsive) conversations. Or at least that’s part of the reason.


  3. Saul – first of all, Vegas wouldn’t be the same without you.

    Second, I’m the exact same when it comes to impulse. A great story illustrates how my friends aren’t any different: I was in Dominican on vacation in university with a couple girlfriends. We went to the market on the beach, and all the vendors were trying to lure us in to buy their stuff – which was the same at every single booth. Suddenly my friend Jenn came over and said “guys – you have to come to this guy’s booth! He told me he’s having a half-off sale, TODAY ONLY!”

    Now of course that wasn’t true, and we laughed at her for being so gullible. But it illustrates the point that a) people love deals, and b) people love deals with a time limit.

    I just read about how Sachin Agarwal is drumming up buzz for his new startup by making invite codes active for a specific period of time – therefore you have to share them before they expire. I think that’s a great example of impulse marketing – sure we’ll see more great examples from startups in the near future.


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