My name is Saul! I'm an award winning Word of Mouth Marketer, Professional Speaker on the subjects of Social Media, Customer Service and best of all... Word of Mouth. I collect Air Force One sneakers and think you should hire me... (as a consultant) to teach you how to get your company doing interesting things!
the smartest man in the world.

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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

About Saul!

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2016-08-10 20.54.12Greetings and salutations, I’m Saul Colt and I’m North America’s best World of Mouth Marketer. I specializing in working with Startups and Big Brands and sometimes both at the same time. My work focus is in baking marketing into products and company brands so people talk about your company and amplify your messages with the result of building great brands, increasing sales and creating loyal fans who hang on every word as well as share those words with people that are looking for you without knowing you existed.

(Long Story) Short Bio:

Saul Colt is the Founder and Creative Director at SAUL COLT – The Idea Integration Company. In his career he has been named as one of the iMEDIA 25: Internet Marketing Leaders & Innovators as well as been called one of Canada’s best community builders/experiential marketers. NYT Best selling author and Internet Pioneer Chris Brogan once referred to Saul as “exactly who you want representing your company” and that message has been echoed by media properties ranging from Inc to Forbes Magazine. In a previous life Saul was the first international employee of Zipcar and the person responsible for launching Zipcar into the Canadian marketplace, was a key person in the growth of (The #1 Cloud Accounting service for Small Business Owners) and even knows what it is like to work for a large corporation from his time in a leadership role at Rogers Communications and On top of all that Saul is also a Professional Speaker and Consultant specializing in Word of Mouth Marketing, Stunt Marketing,  Social Media, Customer Experience, and Community Building. Saul loves all people, especially women and is tired of people asking him to remove his shirt. In his free time he collects Nike Air Force One sneakers, watches lots of Movies and just happens to be the Smartest Man in the World.

Saul in the News…

When you do great work, people notice and over the past decade my accomplishments have been featured in Books, Television, Magazines, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.


A few of the books I’m written about are:

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators – Chris Brogan

Word of Mouth Marketing – Andy Sernovitz

Monster Loyalty – Jackie Huba

The Hidden Power of your Customers – Becky Carroll

New Business Networking – Dave Delaney


Podcasts and Columns:

Host of The Xero Hour Podcast (Click to Listen)

Regular Panelist on the Beancast (Click to Listen)

The Limitless Business Podcast (Click to Listen)

Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels – Mirum Podcast (Click to Listen) 

Regular Column at Owner Magazine

Forbescast (Click to Listen)

Firepole Marketing (Click to Listen)

Selected Press/Media


Firepole Marketing – How to grow a company to 4.5 Million Users

Inc Magazine – Love is all you need. 

The Globe and Mail – 80’s Fad Floats Back

The Daily Muse – Word of Mouth Marketing Secrets from Mastermind Saul Colt

Forbes Magazine – Why its better for your career to be loathed than liked

PC Magazine – What Do You Carry: Saul Colt—Not Your Average Marketing Guy

DX3 Canada –  Behind the magic. Q&A with Saul Colt – Saul Colt: The Time Traveling Story Telling Superhero

Business Insider – Freshbooks Head of Magic Two Rules of Marketing Success – 3 Questions that will put the funk back in your hammer pants

Jonah lupton interviews Saul Colt

CNBC Dennis Kneale Show – Saul Colt talks about Twitter Rumours

The Rise To The Top interviews Saul Colt

Syracuse University iSchool- Talk with Saul Colt on Small Budget Marketing

Financial Post – Saul Colt

Six Marketing Lessons you can learn from Saul Colt’s Pants – Word of Mouth Marketing with Saul Colt – Alexis Ohanian and Saul Colt weigh in on Waterloo Region Tech – Kinetic Cafe partners with Freshii to start health focused startup program – Fresh Startups launches to help health food and fitness startups


  1. Hey! It’s a new version of Twister!

  2. I just wanted to say, having enjoyed your talk at the Hadrasha conference tonight and seeing your website…! I love your creative energy. I see you listen to people and then come out with good ideas….it’s a pleasure to see this energy….thanks! (I’m posting a thought of yours at my facebook…Possibility Life Coaching for Women.
    thanks for the inspiration! Julie

  3. Wow. This is refreshing to see such a unique personality. Love it!

  4. Thank you Saul, your answer to my question in Sprouter really helped ease my worries about the direction I was heading in. You ROCK!

    +1 for Smartest Man In The World

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  8. Saul, I have found you and now I do not want to lose you. Will you contact me? I have this project in mind for which you are perfect!

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