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Wednesday, Jul 07, 2007

am I wearing a t-shirt that says “screw with me?”

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Regular readers will know that I am a public transit rider. I (mostly) enjoy my almost two hour commute every day on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) because it gives me an opportunity to do a lot of reading as well as listen to a slew of podcasts. As with most regular riders I buy a monthly pass that allows me to unlimited riding as well as free parking at certain commuter lots.

Now that you have the background…check this out.

This morning at the parking lot the machine wouldn’t recognize my card in the card reader thingy. No big deal since someone walking buy saw me trying to get in and swiped her card for me (I have always had a way with the ladies that way). After parking the car I go into the terminal and again my card is not recognized at the turnstile thingy so I get in line for the lone attendant. I explain my situation and ask that my card be replaced. These passes are sold by this man and I could clearly see a stack of passes about a foot from me (separated by the glass).

The guy explains that he can’t help me and that to get a replacement I need to go to a specific station during business hours to make the switch. Thing is that the specific station is an hour out of my way and getting there during business hours would mean I would need to take off work.

This policy is pretty much the same as if a store like the Gap (or whoever) would have no problem selling you goods at all their locations but only accept returns at one designated store. No other company could get away with this sort of policy and it would have only taken a second for the guy to give me a new pass in exchange for the defective one.

I guess what I am saying is that just because you are an essential service paid for by tax dollars doesn’t mean you can ignore customer service……forget customer service, you should basically treat people with the minimum level of common sense and respect and that was not happening here.


I was already having a bad week before this but this really is irritating.

So what am I going to do about this?

Absolutely nothing…….if there was competition in this space I could possibly change or complain at a higher volume but in this case if I wish to complain I have to go to the same place I would have to go to (during business hours) to get a replacement pass…..and if I boycott the service they wont care because they have my money anyway… if I were to not use the service it would mean I go to work.

I know this post is kinda going nowhere but I wanted to get it off my chest


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