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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Thursday, May 05, 2009

…and now the infamous “You are all horrible people” panel from MESH09!

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I was lucky enough to be included on the Word of Mouth Marketing panel at the MESH Conference a few months ago and have been sitting on this video for a while because to be honest I don’t like a few of my answers and more importantly I decided to do something very ‘High Concept’ in this panel that out of context makes me look jerky. But since I talk about being naked a lot here it would be pretty hypocritical for me not to post some videos just because I was trying to do something interesting.

The whole thing is about an hour so I have broken it up into a few smaller videos…and I think it is worth mentioning that while it seems like I am doing most of the talking (because I am a chatty girl), my panel mates, Sean Moffitt, Angie Kramer and Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr make some amazing points and the conversation would not have been as interesting without them…and yes I do call everyone in the audience “horrible people” at the end because noone knew the name of Dean Kamen’s iBot Wheelchair (I didn’t either) but as you will see (in video #5) that I was kidding and making what I think is an interesting point!

Hope you find the time to watch these as there is a whole university level education in these videos.

MESH 09 Word of Mouth Panel Part One! from saulcolt on Vimeo.

MESH 09 Word of Mouth Panel Part 2 from saulcolt on Vimeo.

MESH 09 Word of Mouth Marketing Panel part 3 from saulcolt on Vimeo.

MESH 09 Word of Mouth Marketing Panel part 4 from saulcolt on Vimeo.

MESH 09 Word of Mouth Marketing Panel part 5 (The Dramatic Conclusion) from saulcolt on Vimeo.

  1. you’re such a ladies man

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