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Tuesday, Dec 12, 2007

Are we owed proper continuity in entertainment?

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Full Disclosure : I may be the only person who cares about this but I think it is still worth bringing up!

I have a weird memory…..weird is the best way to describe it because I have a wealth of useless information stored in it (like that Bombo Rivera was the starting outfielder of the ’78 Expos) as well as a fountain of important info……that gives me my distinction of being the Smartest Man in the World but at the same time I can’t remember much of what my High School life was like.

The obvious joke would be to say I don’t remember High School because of some drug related experience but the actual fact is that I was a straight laced kid and just can’t remember much of that time because I have compartmentalized all those memories into a small area so I could make more room for all this new knowledge I am soaking up.

That being said I wonder if writers of TV and Movies need to pay as much attention to their writing as I do as a viewer. Watching TV for me is an exhausting experience sine I am storing every line or event so I can use it in some joke or obscure reference at another time…this is why I sometimes get frustrated watching shows that ignore major plot points from past shows as if to say “Viewers….don’t sweat the small stuff and just watch”. The subject of Continuity is a huge deal/debate in the comic book world but I actually give comics a break on this since there are 40+ years of stuff to worry about in some titles but TV (for me at least) is different.

The reason I am writing about this is because of the last episode of Las Vegas.

Yes I know the show isn’t really worth getting worked up over but I have seen every episode and actually like it…..and now that Tom Selleck is on the show I expect to see some “magnum magic”. Anyway to keep it brief I will sum this up like this… the show a character gets fired and is told to leave the casino and her personal belongings from her suite (where she lives) will be delivered to her. Later in the episode she has all her goodies and is living with another character because she is tight for money and is in need of a job…..sounds all kosher so far (Happy Channukah everyone) except last season it was revealed that she was independently wealthy and had a HUGEAMONGOUS (that is not a spelling error) safe in her suite loaded with the largest collection of silver bars in the history of private ownership.

Am I being unreasonable to ask people to keep their stories straight?

Am I getting frustrated with all the reality TV I have been watching?

Am I using this topic as a way to stall until I come up with something better to blog about?

Will Andrew Dice Clay sell his 900 page memoir to a publisher?

Anyway I know this probably doesn’t make much sense since I am tired and need some serious sleep… that is where I am going right now.

Night Night (real posts coming once I get some rest…and I have some real stuff to talk about….I promise)


  1. 1. I WISH I couldn’t remember my high school years. Puberty was not kind to me. But I’ve made up for it now!

    2. I would guess that problems in continuity arsise from having many different writers on one show. Imagine the outcry if JK Rowlings didn’t keep up continuity in Harry Potter? (Actually, I’ve never read a Harry Potter book, but I’m guessing that there would be an outcry.

    3. By far the worst offenders of continuity are TV soaps. I HATE when they SORAS young characters.

    4. I don’t think we’re “owed” continuity. Following that line of logic we’re “owed” a proper TV season. But I’d like to think that the writers / producer cae enough about the story to pay attention to detail.

    5. Happy Hanukkah


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