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Monday, Sep 09, 2009

Are you an Entrepreneur?

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Accoring to the definition of an Entrepreneur is as follows:


A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

I bring this up because I have been thinking a lot about being an entrepreneur lately. Thinking so much in fact that I have been looking at ways to re-invent the whole idea of entrepreneurship and the best place to start, in my mind at least is with the definition.

So here is my work in progress and I would love to hear what your thought are on the matter.

en⋅tre⋅pre⋅neur 2010 version

Entrepreneurs are people who like to experiment and fix things. They make corporations nervous and don’t always make the best employees. Entrepreneurs have minds of their own and a embarrassing wealth of ideas. Entrepreneurs have a habit of moving in on their superiors and whenever possible claiming power roles for themselves. Entrepreneurs are willing to take huge personal risks to reach their clearly defined goals and while they they don’t always end up on the winning side of things they have the fire and passion to keep trying.

I truly believe Entrepreneurship is a frame of mind and you don’t have to be the founder of something to be a brilliant Entrepreneur.

SO I ask you…..Are you an Entrepreneur?

  1. Hey Saul,

    Great definition of an entrepreneur.

    Am I entrepreneur?

    Is it easy?
    Hell no…

    Entrepreneurs are playing the hardest game out there. By statistics- not many of us succeed. However, the experience and adventure is definitely worth the risk, as you get to find out what YOU are really about.

    Who are you?
    Why am I doing this?
    Do I have the passion and the drive to succeed?

    These are the questions an entrepreneur often tackles with.

    Be sure to answer the above questions to make your journey a lot easier.

    And Saul, if you are thinking of being an entrepreneur- You should do it! Find your passion!


  2. Hi Saul,

    I think the main characteristic of an entrepreneur is one who Creates, often times in scale. In contrast, a small business person is one who often goes out and sets up a job for himself, and maybe one or two others with him. He's definitely entrepreneurial, but his scope is limited to his own endeavors.

    What things do entrepreneurs create?
    They create Commerce for themselves and others.
    They create Jobs across multiple communities.
    They create Wealth for themselves and others.
    They create Innovations and Marketplaces.
    They create Philanthropy to pass it on to the next generation.

    And once they are done, they often go out and repeat the process many times over.

    If your gonna be an entrepreneur, what are you going to create?


    PS You mentioned having superiors while being an entrepreneur; Consider this definition of Intrapreneurship:

  3. An entrepreneur is someone who understands that failure is an opportunity to learn.

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