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Thursday, Oct 10, 2010

Can I ask for a Favour?

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I like doing nice things for people.

Makes me feel good and usually it makes the people I am doing the nice thing for feel special in some way. I do these nice things with no real expectation of anything in return except for maybe a thank you or a quick game of spin the bottle but I got to thinking a few months back while preparing for a talk I gave about the possibility of small business/social media communities moving to a favour based economy.

Stay with me here for a minute and think about it.

One of the pillars of Social Media according to the pioneers in the space is to “do for others” and “help 12 nice people before you ask for any help yourself” so following this idea why not run your business or actually incorporate a “Favour Bank” into future strategies and carve out time and resources to help others with the expectation that resources needed for your own projects from people with expertise that you may need outside of your own will be returned for all your hard work. Please realize I am not talking about karma here but rather a real (albeit informal) system of remembering who are the helpful folks and helping them back. I do this already and I am not looking for a pat on the back but rather your opinion on if this could work…or is it already happening.

What says you?

  1. Paul Sullivan about 9 years ago

    Saul, interesting thought. In the past, whenever I did something for someone and they thanked me, I would respond with “put it in the favour ledger”. I think I was suggesting to them that they record the entry in their mind for some future use, but the concept of actually recording the entry could create greater value.

    A couple of suggestions… First, make sure the ability to record favours is simple and fast, as it will likely be a fleeting, top-of-mind event. Second, there may need to be a rating scale as to the importance of the favour – bailing someone out of jail might carry more weight than a #FF. Third, the ability to trade favours might be useful – thinking there may be some utility value (and maybe monetization) here.

    Looking forward to seeing this evolve!


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  3. Absolutely Saul. You taught me to help others in this space. So I do. and I have found that there are those who continue to help me. And I know this: We tend to help people we like. Then when it comes time for business, the people who’ve helped me are bound to be the one’s I will call first to refer business to.

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