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Sunday, Jul 07, 2009

Because @bethggwaz asked…10 things about Twitter (good and bad)

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Yep, a little known fact about me is that I am available just about any time to answer questions on Twitter or by Email and if you ask a really good one I may just highlight you on this here blog…and answer the question of course.

I have a lot of opinions….and some of them are about Twitter.

Mostly I love Twitter and don’t know what I would do without it…that being typed there are a few things that irritate me.

But first the great stuff! (and I am not sure I am going to do 10 of each but here we go)

1- Twitter lets me stay in touch with people I care about better than anything else…especially when I am really busy.
2- Twitter is my news feed and keeps me up to date on things as well as celebrity deaths.
3- Twitter is an amazing resource of opinions and idea…as well as a great place to get instant feedback on things.
4- I love Twitter because people think I am funny. (doesn’t happen anywhere else)
5- Twitter gives me access to important and otherwise unobtainable folks so I can discuss things with them.
6- I love when people I have never met engage me in a conversation…it is fun!

I could go on and on but I think you get the point…so here are a few quick thoughts on the other side of the coin.

1- People put too much value in their following/follower stats. I follow people based on if they are interesting or pretty. Also personally, I have never asked a single person to follow me because the number of followers you have should mean nothing in the overall picture of how you use twitter.
2- I RT a bit and love when people RT my stuff but at the same time I wish people would create more original content and not just RT 90% of the time. I want to hear your ideas and thoughts so I can get to know you. RT’ing is an important part of Twitter but you have to still let yourself shine through.
3- I wish it was a little more playful and silly sometimes and not just a place to promote your stuff (something I am guilty of sometimes).
4- Auto DM’s……nuff said!
5-When porn accounts follow me the pictures they use are so small I cant even enjoy it for a second before I block them 🙂

So Beth…not sure if this is the list you were expecting but I hope this might start a conversation and the list can grow from there.

  1. Thank you for this awesome list Saul. It's hard to believe people find you funny. Period. Just kidding – you always make me smile. Especially when you once said how you wish you could combine exercising with chasing women – voila Austin townlake came to mind. You rock Saul.

  2. The great thing about Twitter is that it's shapeable. If someone is only RTing, you can unfollow them. "Get 1000s of followers!" Unfollow them. Most of the interesting people RT in moderation, and don't care about follower totals.

    Also, what did you do to get porn accounts following you? I've only got business-type stuff, or… Eczema cream. Don't ask.

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