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Wednesday, May 05, 2007

Brand Stubbornness part two

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Yesterday I posted a little something about Brand Stubbornness (a term I think I have invented) on this blog and also sent the posting out to a bunch of the worlds smartest marketers and business people. the responses I got back were interesting and some even hailed me as a genius, but a few just said I am confusing stubbornness with loyalty and I still disagree and feel they are two different things. To me being brand loyal means you love a product and are loyal to it within reason.

For example, I used to travel a lot (one year I was away 30+ times) and I used to try to stay at Westin Hotels or W hotels because I liked them and they were always nice and comfortable BUT when I was in NYC I would try to only stay at the Royalton or The Hudson (both Ian Shreager hotels and part of the Morgans Hotel Group) because the hotels were very cool and staying there made me feel like a big shot.

With Brand Stubbornness I can paint you a different picture. When it comes to sneakers, I only were NIKE (I know you are probably getting tired of hearing this). I love Nike and have many pairs. This past winter Adidas put out a line of Superstars (the shoes Run DMC made famous) in NBA team colours and bearing the team logos. I thought the shoes were cool and I would’ve bought a pair of Raptors shoes if they were Nike. I exhibited Brand Stubbornness because I refuse to wear anything but Nike.

I see Brand Stubbornness as one or two steps up from Brand Loyalty and I am going to keep working at how to create it….Who knows, I could write a book about it and be the next Seth Godin!


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