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Wednesday, Sep 09, 2007

Can someone help me understand the motivation?

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Even thought the title of this here little blog is “The Smartest Man in the World” I am the first to admit that even I need help from others to understand some stuff. Sure I seem to have all the answers (and I do!….OK maybe about 93% of them) but there are a few things I just can’t seem to wrap my head around so I now come to you……..very humbly I might add………for help understanding something.

I have mentioned more then a few times that I love and watch a lot of TV. My PVR (dvr/tivo) is programmed to its fullest and I will give any new show that looks interesting a chance. My wife on the other hand is the opposite of me. She will watch a few of the same shows as me but other then that she really only records/watches shows like “House Hunters” and other real estate / home reno shows (what can I say…it is her thing). I will watch them with her because House Hunters and National Open House are pretty interesting but the thing I don’t get (and have been trying to understand this for so long that I am a bit embarrassed) is why people agree to be on these shows.

For those not familiar with House Hunters it is a show where someone who is in the market for a home purchase is followed with a camera to look at three places and then makes a choice/buys a house and then they come back months later to see what if anything you have done to fix the place up.

As far as I know there is no financial benefit to being on this show so why would you let people know exactly how much you are spending on a house (or a vacation home) and why would you want to be on TV just because you were approved for a mortgage?

The only thing I can think of is that this is a vanity thing but I still don’t get it. I have been on TV a bunch of times and agree there is a certain thrill about seeing it but all the times I have been on TV have been in an interview/work capacity and not being put on the spot to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now before I get too off point I will say that home reno shows that will do work in your house are cool with me because if you are on those shows you are getting a benefit (a finished basement or a new kitchen etc) out of it but shows like House Hunters and even shows like “A Baby Story” and “A Wedding Story” on TLC are just video diaries and I imagine people only do it for the stroke the their egos.

I may very well be WAAAAAAY off base here so please feel free to put me in my place if you feel moved to do so…..and if anyone knows any inside info please let me know as well because if these people are getting paid or in the case of the Wedding Story if they are getting a free wedding or services in exchange for giving up their wedding for “content” then I would get it.

This has been rolling around in my head for a while and when I wrote this (in my head) this morning it was far more intelligent sounding….Oh well….you get the point.


  1. Saul:

    It’s nothing more than someone’s 15 minutes.

    Some folks just enjoy the show and want to “be a part of it” which to me doesn’t fully qualify as vanity but rather something I refer to as “coat tails” (and no I’m not sure why its such a popular ride either).

    For others as you say…its me me me.

    When I watch, I like the concept of choosing a new home including a tour in 30 minutes because the reality is not as nice.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  2. Saul –

    I’m with you – I don’t get it, other than it being a vanity thing. I actually think that “House Hunters” is boring. “Welll… this one has the threeee bedrooms, but that onnnne has the entertainment roooooom…” Gah!

    I’m addicted to Flip this House, however… Stephanie

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