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Wednesday, Sep 09, 2007

Come hang with me in the AD LOUNGE!

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Good Evening (or morning/afternoon) fine readers of this blog,

I usually have no plans to do anything but the rest of this month and the next are filling up with a bunch of cool events and stuff. I won’t bore you with all of them but one event I am really looking forward to is the return of THE AD LOUNGE (I used caps to emphasize how excited I am). The Ad Lounge is a cool event for the Advertising/Marketing community in Toronto to just chillax and hang out. Sure there will be networking and stuff but I think it will have a more social slant to it…and that is always a nice once and a while.

Here are some details for the event (taken from an article in Marketing Magazine)

Ad Lounge to return this fall
Marketing Magazine – (Sept 2007)

Ad Lounge, a volunteer-driven networking organization for marketers, ad agency employees, designers and technical professionals in Toronto, returns this fall after a two-year hiatus. Ad Lounge initially delivered electronic newsletters and staged several networking events under the banner of “Night Out” for industry professionals between 2001 and 2004.

Founder Trina Boos says the initiative was disbanded in 2005 due to the increasing demands it placed on her time. However, she says Ad Lounge’s popularity within the industry encouraged her to bring it back, though on a smaller scale than before. “The events are not as regular. We’re doing them once every three months, whereas I was trying to do them once a month,” she says. “I was also doing our newsletter, Talk, every time we had an event, and that was a 14-page newsletter. I’ve decided to still do that, but keep it to a couple of pages. “I’m bringing it back because I love it, and Toronto’s industry doesn’t really have anything for the young marketing, advertising and design folks to meet in a social setting after work.”

Boos has already launched, a site that will inform industry professionals about events and also feature user-generated content from visitors, and last week she started an Ad Lounge Facebook group.

The first Ad Lounge event in three years will take place Oct. 2. It will be hosted by Elliott Smith, creative director at Organic Inc., and will feature a screening of the 2007 London International ad reel.

Boos says she is on the lookout for newsletter contributors and additional ideas for Ad Lounge’s events and online presence.

If you come make sure you say Hi to me and anyone who tells me I am handsome will get a drink bought for them!

See you there!


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