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Sunday, Apr 04, 2014

If all you can talk about is work I am probably not going to have a long conversation with you.

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I work a lot.

Long days and 6-7 days a week, and while I am working I think of nothing but the problems I am solving. Work consumes my brain and thats ok because I go out of my way to consume as much content that is the complete opposite of what I would call “work related reading/watching” in my off time…because thats the secret to being great. I have been thinking a lot about this lately since I have watched people more and more in the name of personal branding fill their social media streams with nothing but “startup news” so they could be the startup expert or “mobile apps” so you are known for that etc.

Thing is when I see this I feel like I know less about you because if all you care about it your work you close yourself out from amazing opportunities for inspiration…and beyond that if your reading all the same articles as your competition you are all going to have some pretty derivative ideas…and thats not interesting…to me at least.

I consider myself an idea person and those ideas come from everything I expose myself to…and because I understand this I go to great lengths to expose myself to things that fascinate me and also are a little off the beaten path. I wish more would do this as well because I would love to see what people would come up with if they did.

Here are a few things I consumed this weekend to get you started and please let me know if there is anything cool and out there I should check out. Armour’re_Joking,_Mr._Feynman!

  1. Finding space from work is tough. I went fishing this weekend, not my normal sort of thing. And it was wonderful to be able to just sit and take in my thoughts and surroundings.

    • I agree thats its super tough. I don’t find the time every week but I do see the difference in my thinking when it happens.

  2. I agree. For me, the best ideas often come when I am doing things completely unrelated to work (i.e. dancing or something). The challenge though is to actually get yourself out of that space in your mind. Sometimes, I force myself to get out and do something else but then I get this guilty thought of “Am I wasting my time”. It’s an act of balance to make time for things outside of work.

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