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Monday, Aug 08, 2007

Do people realize that social media is public?

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I can read your Facebook Profile.

Well I can read most people’s Facebook Profile…….and guess what?

I read them!

I read them because of the voyeuristic nature of peeking into a window…..every now and then there is something titillating……and every now and then there is something pretty interesting in a profile.

This brings me to my philosophy to social media. I am pretty open and always honest to what I post BUT there are things even I keep to myself. I very rarely post pictures of my kids/wife…not because I am ashamed of them (my wife/kids are way better looking them me…I hardly deserve them) but rather it just ain’t my place to offer them up digitally since they don’t crave the same attention I do.

Besides pictures of my family I rarely tell really personal stories about them……I tell embarrassing stories about myself all the time and even let you know (probably too often) that I am usually always naked in my home because, well if you have ever been invited to a dinner party here you would’ve already known that.

I am writing about all of this (and taking a very long time getting to the point) because this week alone I read on Facebook that one of my friends is now “single” because his wife left him and another friend was evicted.

These are two pretty big events in anyone’s lives and I thought it was strange that they felt like sharing such news in an open forum but also that they ran to Facebook at all instead of trying to work things out or dealing with such matters in a more traditional personal setting.

Is social media going to replace face to face communication? Probably not but it does seem people rely on it in a weird way.

So if you are reading this blog or my Facebook profile you can expect a lot of the same going forward…….especially updates on if I am wearing pants but if I ever do find myself suddenly single (and ready to mingle) I don’t think I would be broadcasting it to the world.

OH and BTW…..I am not wearing any pants 🙂


  1. Not wearing pants? That must be because you’re already the smartest man in the world.

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