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Wednesday, Jul 07, 2008

Does your Marketing need calf implants?

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OK, this is a true story (maybe not) but when I was younger I wasn’t the most confident kid. Sure I was handsome and good at sports and smart and everyone liked me but I had a secret…I didn’t have beautiful calves. Because of my affliction I rarely wore shorts and on a few occasions I stuffed socks into soccer socks to give me the legginess I always desired.

Many the day I spent surfing the internet(s) looking at calf implants because I knew that if I could get those I would have the confidence I needed to go on living the good life…than one day, after stepping in a huge knee deep puddle (it could happen) I decided to roll up my pants part way up my leg so I wouldn’t get too cold and a strange thing happened.

It felt good

SO I rolled it up more and still no one was looking and pointing at my finally I just took my pants off all together and began to strut.

Travolta style!

You see I didn’t just strip down right away but made small steps towards going pantless and after trying a few things and seeing that they weren’t horrifying I developed the confidence to make the final leap.

Believe it or not…there is a marketing lesson in my insecurity (and my calfs) and that lesson is to try stuff…small stuff and see how it goes and see what works.

Just cause you have a budget for something doesn’t mean you need to spend the money on one big thing…why not try 10 smaller things…or if you lack the confidence to make a huge leap into a big campaign you can try small things and build up your confidence and then make your pantless strut into your campaign.

…because we can all agree pantless marketing campaigns are what all the cool kids are doing these days.

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