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Thursday, Jan 01, 2008

Eight more things you didn’t know about me!

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ummm…I guess I am it again.

I have been tagged again to participate in a “8 new things you didn’t know about me” meme. This time I was tagged by the beautiful and talented Eden Spodek……regular readers will remember that I was tagged back in October so to make this new list “new” I am going to really go deep in the memory banks.

So here goes.

1-My facial hair grows pretty quickly and I have always wanted to grow a mustache that would connect to my sideburns but I have one spot on either side of the corner of my mouth that doesn’t grow hair.

2-When I play Poker on my PDA I sometimes cheat so I never run out of money.

3-The last two movies I watched were documentaries – Sicko and Who Killed the Electric Car.

4-A month ago I bought a fully embroidered western shirt with bright red magnolias on it and haven’t worn it yet….I am saving it for a special occasion.

5-I have red pants……and I may have to wear them with my new western shirt.

6-While traveling for work I have had 3 opportunities to “make whoopee” with strange ladies (one was super cute) and remained faithful each time. I am only telling you this to prove that I still “have it”.

7-If I won the lottery I would build a custom home with a kickass library, trick walls to get to secret passage ways and a Batman inspired “BatCave” basement that would double as a professional home theater.

8-In High school (this was 17 years ago so cut me some slack) my girlfriend at the time and I decided to break up based on whether or not I sunk a basket with my Nerf basket ball net…….I did and we did.

OK so now you know way too much about me. And now to keep this thing going, I’m tagging Josh Fialkov David Kruger, and John Apples

  1. You realize that when you’re cheating at poker, you’re really only cheating yourself! 😉

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