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Friday, Nov 11, 2007

Ever wonder what is up with Saul?

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This here post is coming from you live and direct from Starbucks. Why am I blogging from a Starbucks and not working? Well I am working…I am just not doing the job I was doing a week ago. After a lot of thought and soul searching, decisions were made and I have moved on from my job and am seeking out a new gig. I won’t get into the reasons but I was influenced by C.C. Chapman and his podcast on Calculated Risks

The first question people are asking me is “DO you have a plan?” and the answer is “Kinda”. I have interviewed for a couple roles and there is one position I would be super jazzed to jump into….but in the meantime I am filling my time with a couple consulting jobs and speaking gigs (That I will announce in a day or so). I am sorta digging the hired gun/free agent role since I am getting to work on some cool projects in a clothing optional environment….but I am still getting used to the lack of having anyone else around to witness my genius.

So I guess the reason of this post is to let you know what is up with me and as well to ask anyone to let me know if you hear of any cool marketing opportunities (Full Time or Consulting) that could benefit from employing The Smartest Man in the World!


  1. G Saul, my feelings are mixed here. I am sure you feel like something of you was left behind but new beginnings are what keeps smart men hoping so… as you are who you are (that would be the s.m.i.t.w.) I am sure it’s all right to feel happy for you, rather than sad. isn’t it? Good luck with what ever you decide to do. I am sure it will rock.

  2. Hey Gil,

    No real sadness here. I have been making some plans and should have a cool and exciting annoucement soon. It will either be that I have landed a good gig or I am doing something on my own

    Either way I will shine like the star I am! [said with a wink]

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