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Tuesday, Sep 09, 2007

First Impressions.

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First Impressions are a funny thing because you can’t change them. People make real world decisions (just ask any HR person) based on that first encounter or even just appearance. I have been thinking a lot about this recently because it is election time around these parts. I am not really into politics. I follow it causally so I can make informed decisions but I am far from a know it all but the two topics (Politics and First Impressions) seem to fit together….at least I am going to try to make them fit here.

Being a one car family (doing my part to save the world) I catch a lift with my wife to the subway every morning. For the last two weeks there has been one of the candidates standing on the same corner waving at people in their cars and chatting with folks on the street during the morning rush.

I am not going to say who it is because that part isn’t really important but the thing that stands out to me every morning is that he looks tired….sure this is early in the morning but in the game of politics appearance is important and what I see as “tired” others may see as “beat down” or just plain “beaten”.

Being out with the people is a great way to be seen and very “grassroots” but in this case it may work against this man. One solution would have been to have volunteers be the ones on the corner waving and handing out the flyers (and there are but the focus is still on the candidate) or do something to make people never forget the candidates name but not really look at him.

If I was consulted on this I would have suggested the following :

-Have the candidate get a good night sleep!
-show up every morning doing his waving and kissing babies routine while standing next to one of those gigantic inflatable signs that they use at car dealerships except this one will have his name on it or the snowman or Santa can be holding a sign for the candidate.

You may think this is silly (and in some ways it is) but I guarantee this image will not be forgotten…..people will tell friends……not one person will look at the candidate……..and when it comes to time to vote you will see the name on the ballot and it will take you back to the image and invoke emotion and a warm feeling.

All from a first impression.


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