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Sunday, Jan 01, 2008

Generation Web 3.0 – Are we becoming this?

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I received a Seesmic invite toady and I got all excited. I told a friend and he asked what Seesmic was so I explained it as Twitter but with short video messages instead of the 140 characters. This excited him immediately swore off ever twittering again.

This got me thinking…are we becoming a disposable generation that has no brand loyalty or tech loyalty that will only stay with a product or service until something extra shiny comes along?

I can only speak for myself but I am super brand loyal to products and some retail stores but online (and gadgets) I do seek out the shiny objects.

Unless I am sent a message I don’t spend much time on FaceBook anymore because I can keep up with people I want to keep up with on Twitter…and not have to deal with the invitations to become a vampire etc. Seesmic looks interesting and may hold my attention for longer but who really knows.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

I don’t know if this is the fault of Music Videos or because of Baby Einstein videos but there seems to be no attention span for new technology and if I am right about this Generation Web 3.0 thingie (a phrase I thought up) them I doubt any social media application will be able to rest on what got people originally interesting in it. Getting shiny and staying shiny will have to be the mandate or you will always be fueling your machine with late comers while all the key early adopters will be off to the next thing….and if that is the case I hope the next thing has holograms.

Cause I love holograms.


  1. Yes – I too want holograms. The ability to virtually project my presence into someone else’s space (in a meaningful, interactive fashion) would mean so much, in terms of time I wouldn’t have to spend in airports, on highways, etc.

    I’m SO looking forward to that!

    (Oh, and my daughter Jenna wanted to see me write some words with a J in it.. so, Jello, Jelly, Jumbo)

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