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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Sunday, Oct 10, 2010

Malcolm Gladwell and I have a history, just ask him!

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This post isn’t really a post but rather a contest to win to very cool prizes…but before I tell you what the prizes are or what you need to do to win you have to indulge me by hearing a story.

Three years ago on a quiet morning I was sitting alone, minding my own business, eating stone cut oatmeal in a West Village coffee shop when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the unmistakable hair of one Malcolm Gladwell. Being a fan I decided that it would be cool to chat with him and who knows maybe even make a friend because I think we can all agree that if celebrities just spent time with me they would really be enamored with me. So with that in mind I stood up and began to walk over to him and as I got close his phone rang, he answered and I did what anyone would do in that situation.

I politely touched his shoulder and said “Excuse Me” with a gesture for me to pass since it was a small place.

So in honour of my literal brush with greatness I am giving away 3 tickets to see Malcolm Gladwell at the November 15th instalment of The Art Of Management Conference in Toronto.

Joining Gladwell on stage will be Michael Eisner, Mitch Joel, Nilofer Merchant and Simon Sinek.

So here is how you enter:

Read some of the over 600 posts on this here blog and leave me a comment on this post with a link to your favourite previously written post on or Tweet the link on Twitter and you are entered. I will pick three people randomly on November 5th to win the “First Prize” of the tickets and everyone (and by everyone I mean up to 500 people and this is where all my American readers can feel included) else who enters gets an exclusive invite to a new service that allows you to make free phone calls and txts over WIFI anywhere in North America from an exclusive phone number.

It is a super easy contest with some cool prizes so I hope you get reading and enter the contest!

Oh Ya and anyone who wants to go see Gladwell et all and can’t wait to see if they won you can always go buy tickets to The Art Of Management and use the special discount code RK28 to get a prefered rate!

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  2. The link below is my absolute FAVOURITE post. It’s brilliantly written; and some of the replies below it are absolute poetry! (One in particular…).

    Also, I got a new BFF from this post. We haven’t met yet…but it’ll happen….soon.

  3. My absolute FAVOURITE post is the link below. It was brilliantly written and many of the replies below it are borderline poetic! One is particular…but I digress.

    (I also got me a new BFF from that post. We haven’t met yet. But we will…soon.)

  4. 4E’s may not be your Saul but they were worth the 40 min leading up to it. Interesting views on 2011- Best

  5. This is my current fave link =)

  6. I like this recent post:

    It was pithy, but I think you hit the nail on the head…there’s too much “computer rage” because it’s too easy to anonymously tweet or write a hate post about a company or a person or a brand.

  7. Pinny Gniwisch about 9 years ago

    Since i started to read your blog thanks to Mitch joel I am finding your writing very fresh and exciting keep them coming

    i like this post+

    I cannot agree more


  8. Hey, I really appreciated this post and no, not because it’s the 3rd one linked on the sidebar, but because it’s something I’ve been talking (okay ranting) about recently, and Mitch touches on in his recent post. It’s easy to spout absolutes in one-liners that are easily tweetable from the audience but without any basis in how businesses actually operate, understanding the motivation of a businesses actual customer base (hey, they may not *want* a warm fuzzy relationship just better service!), etc. etc. I tend to respect those with practical experience more than those that exist in the echo chamber.

    Anyhoo, it was a good, albeit brief, post.


  9. I Absolutely Disagree With You –

    There IS ONLY ONE WAY to do social media and it is my way. ; )

  10. My favourite post (to date) is I could not agree more that retail has totally gone away from the buying experience. It is rare to find anyone in retail who gives a damn about the consumer. Why wouldn’t we shop online. Automation has become friendlier than real life (where shopping is concerned anyways!).

    As always, keep up the great writing!


  11. In an effort to become the “smartest woman” in the world, I can “honestly” say that I have read all your over 600 blog posts and find it just too hard to choose.

    But I do like the It begs the question, how many times does something have to be done for it to be considered a “best practice” and frankly do I want to wait that long?

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