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Sunday, Mar 03, 2007

Grassroots Marketing

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A few days ago a casual acquaintance of mine introduced me as “One of the best grassroots marketers around”. While I don’t think this is true I did like the comment as if made me forget I suffer from low self esteem…..for a few minutes at least!

Anyway it did get me thinking about the topic and I came up with some cool ideas to throw out there for others to use. You may ask be asking yourself “What is the catch?”

Well for one I don’t think there are many people reading this and two I want more people to think I am a marketing genius besides just me!

When people dress Street Teams they make careful choices about shirts/jackets/hats/pants etc. I do however notice that very little thought is given to footwear. The idea of branding these people is to make an impression and get people to remember you. I may be alone here but I am a shoe guy (to be clear I am a Nike guy) and I think if a company is willing to spend the money there are many ways to make an impression with Nike Air Force Ones. AF1’s are available in a bunch of color combinations and you could probably color match shoes to a street team uniform and even better if your colors are blue, red or green you could equip your street team folks in these new NIKE glow in the dark shoes.

Handing out flyers or sampling a product in an environment where people can see the glow in the dark effect would get at least a few people curious to check it our and would probably get a small viral component to whatever you are conducting street marketing for.

Stay Tuned to my next post as I will be showing you an example of my most recent grassroots campaign


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