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Friday, Nov 11, 2008

Guest Blogging on Drew’s Marketing Minute.

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Sorry for the absence here but I have been traveling like crazy and blogging like I have never blogged before.

Just not here.

But fear not patient and beautiful/handsome readers of this here blog because all that is going to change.

In the next week the internets are going to be flooded with guest blog posts from me and on top of that I will be writing again just for you…just here.

So to take you into the weekend please enjoy a post I wrote for Drew’s Marketing Minute about the 10 ten ways to keep your business happy in the holiday season (or at least I think that was the title) and please enjoy this excerpt

7. Keep Employee Morale Up:
When I was a teenager my Dad once told me that money doesn’t buy happiness…that same day I bought a pretty girl lunch and she gave me a kiss proving him wrong. That has nothing to do with this point, I just figured I’d use this platform to tell that story. Oh wait it does fit…see I did something nice for that pretty girl and she rewarded me with something. Show your employees that you appreciate them and they may (figuratively) give you a kiss…or just be a little happier and work a little more efficiently and focused. This doesn’t mean throw a big splashy party. If all you can swing is something small then do something small but done nicely. Why not close for an afternoon and go see a movie together or have an impromptu company picnic. It’s the little things make a big difference.

This one was my favorite!

Have a great weekend!

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