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Wednesday, Apr 04, 2008

Help me raise a few dollars for Chairty and I will give you a Get Out Of Jail Free Card

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I don’t ask for much from the people who lovingly read this blog. Sure I ask you to read it everyday and I ask you to love me unconditionally but I have never once in 350+ posts asked you for any money.

Until today!

FreshBooks is participating in tomorrow’s CN Tower climb for WWF and I am “stepping in” for someone in our office who is under the weather and will be climbing the 1700+ stairs to the top of the tower.

I am asking you, my very attractive readers, to sponsor my climb. Anything would be appreciated and if all of you give something as small as $1 I will be doing pretty good. The thing is that the climb is tomorrow (sorry for the last minute request) so I will have to ask you to do it quickly.

Please click here to donate something and please do not be confused by the fact that the name on the account is under the name of Myleen because that is who I am filling in for!

WAIT…What was that…did you ask if you will get anything for helping out?

Glad you asked. Since I appreciate you all and feel kind of funny asking for money I am going to make it worth your while….ANYONE who contributes anything to my climb will get a hand written thank you note with an autographed picture of me in my sweaty climbing clothes.…and whoever gives the most to the cause will actually get the sweat soaked shirt that I wore to make the climb!

Getting a sweat soaked shirt may seem like a crappy prize but if you keep it in a bag and not wash it and if you happen to ever find yourself at a crime scene that you caused you can ring out the shirt and introduce my DNA to the scene and saving yourself from interrogation.

Name another blogger that would do THAT for you!

So please help out if you can and I promise to not let you down by having a heart attack!

  1. Great idea, nice to see Freshbooks involved with some charitable causes.

    But when did walking up stairs become a “climb?” I was all excited to see you guys multi-pitching up the side of the tower! Guess I’ll have to wait.

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