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Saturday, Nov 11, 2007

Hollywood Writers Strike – YouTube Roundup!

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I have been following the WGA writers strike pretty closely since…well….I love TV and movies and want to know when I can expect the see the dramatic conclusion the the two part episode of Las Vegas (featuring “The Selleck”).

Is Sam gone?
When will Delinda’s baby come?
Will Mike Cannon ever get the girl?

All these answers and more on the next episode of Soap (see what I did there?)

Anyway here are a few really interesting videos explaining the reason for the strike, the mood of the picketers and why I think I will never see another episode of 24 (ie: this strike is going to be a long one)

First we hear from some of the cast/writers of the Office….

Now the Simpsons…..

Opening joke aside (cause it was kinda lame) this is an incredible speech from Seth MacFarlane on the strike and why it is important to help the little guys



  1. Hi Saul,

    Your post here inspired me to respond. so I’ve written this in my blog, Naive London Girl but I’m also re-posting it here.

    So here’s how I fee about the writers strike.

    Writer’s Strike.

    I’m a writer. I’m not a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, although I have several scripts stored at the WGA East.

    I like that the WGA is trying to put the writers’ best interest at heart.

    Let met tell you a bit of my story. I’ve been trying to break into the business since 1996. I’ve been to film school. Some of the people I graduated with are now very successful writers and producers in Hollywood. I don’t begrudge them one bit. I’ve had some minor successes, but as it stands I’m not a Hollywood writer. Nor have I sold my screenplay.

    I would give my right arm, my first born, my little doggie and I would go without sex for the foreseeable future all for a shot to write for a TV show. Yes, I want it that badly. So when I see the striking writers claim that they are not being treated fairly, keep in mind that I would take their job heartbeat. And I would not complain about it. In fact I would work twice as hard for even half the money.

    The writers should realize that they are in an exclusive ‘club’ that is overwhelming male (and white). This is a club that is not exactly rolling out the red carpet for new members. Ask any would-be writer how easy it is to get your union card?

    As I understand it, the chief complaint amongst the writers is that they are not being compensated for online downloads. To a certain degree I can sympathize, but listen, we’re not talking people in bad working conditions. We’re not talking about coal miners working their fingers to the bone. We’re not talking about sweatshops and seamstresses in horrid unclean, unkempt working conditions. We’re not even talking about individuals earning minimum wage. This strike is about wealthy people wanting more wealth. End of.

    In that respect I find it extremely difficult to empathize with a group of people who are already extraordinarily privileged. Sure they’re not making as much as the show producers, but they’re all making more than I am!

    For every union member, there are ten of us wannabes breathing down their necks. As it stands, I don’t think the writers have a bad deal. It’s just that the producers and networks have it so much better.

    If these writers want to be as privileged as the producers, then maybe they should consider going into producing.

    Now if you’d like me to write for your TV show, by all means contact my agent Isabel Atherton at

  2. HI Anjelika,

    Guess what?

    I agree with what you have said and even share the same dreams and desire to work in the industry (including having 4 scripts sitting in the WGA vaults).

    I too would trade places with any of these folks in a New York Minute (I know that is a lame reference but it is all I got right now) but that doesn’t change the reason I support the writers.

    I have a few friends in the industry and have seen how hard their efforts have been. They have had some content bought and produced and have been recognized for their work but still are not making a “real” livable wage. I support this strike not for the Emmy winners and or the people with hit shows but for the 85% of the rest of the guild who are grinding out a living writing cool stories.

    I am no futurist (ok I am) but I see online being the future of TV and if the WGA agrees to a bad longterm deal it could really harm the quality of life of these writers while making the conglomerates ever wealthier.

    I am not sure who said this but I heard an interesting quote saying (and I am paraphrasing) What if the networks went to all the writers of the Bob Hope radio show and said “Look we need you to write for this TV thing but since it is so new and we don’t know how popular it is we are going to need you to write this stuff for free”

    It is kinda the same thing….


  3. Hi again Saul,

    Now usually you are the smartest guy in the world, but I’m gonna have to knock off a couple points in this case. Don’t worry, I still love ya.

    You’re right in saying that writers should be paid for their work. As far as I’ve read (and please correct me if I’m wrong) They are being paid for their work! These writers are under contract. Whatever Webisodes or “promotions” they are writing by all means should be covered under the terms of their contract.

    And I’m sure if they read the fine print they would see it stipulated there. Obviously I’ve not seen these contracts, so I wouldn’t know for sure.

    This is a simple case of the writers wanting more money. Hell, I don’t blame them. I want more money, too! Sometimes my boss asks me to do extra stuff for work. I do it, and I may grumble a bit, but it gets done. Those of us who live in the real world often have to do more than what’s required to get ahead in life.

    Tough Titties. We do it and move on.

    I think it’s ridiculous that the writers are on strike. Yes, writers should be paid for their work, but you’re make it seem like it’s a David and Goliath type situation. We’re really talking about two Goliath’s here.

    You and me, we’re the real little guys.

    -Anjelika x

  4. My Dear Sweet Anjelika,

    Being the smartest man in the world doesn’t mean I am correct all the time, it just means that I am cleaver enough to understand every situation and form an opinion on it.

    That being said I am going to throw my .02 into one of your comments about the webisodes/promotions.

    I have no inside info on this and my comments are based entirerly on the youtube video I posted from the cast of the Office. In it they say they wrote 10 webisodes/promotions for no money and these “shows” won an Emmy. They did this without any extra compensation because NBC called them “promotions”. Now here is where I plead ignorance but I didn’t think “promotions” were able to be nominated for awards!

    Now I am not getting on your case because I respect, admire and adore you and I admit I don’t have all the info here so I am going to say… closing……I love you.

  5. oh ya… finish my thought (cause I got distracted by a shiny object) my understanding is that writers get paid by episode (I could be wrong) so if asked to write these extras they are doing work outside of their contract………but you covered this in your comment so I am not saying anything new here


  6. Awwww, Saul, you’re too sweet! How can I possibly argue with you now?

    [Note to self, remember sneaky ‘I love you’ tactic when losing an argument.]

    You are now officially my most favourite Canadian!

    “Oh Saul Colt, I stand on guard for thee!”

    -Anjelika x

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