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Friday, May 05, 2007

I am alive!

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No posts yesterday as I was at my Doctor finding out that the reason I haven’t been feeling well is that I have some flesh eating bacterial infection (I new that hot tub party was a bad idea) that if left untreated would eat away my insides and kill me.

Not to worry though because I am on the meds and I will be just fine (although I did consider starting the meds next week just to see if I could shed a few pounds the lazy way)

Oh well.

Since I have been preoccupied with other stuff I figured I would post a couple of videos for you to tide you over till I am back to writing about interesting stuff (and some would say I haven’t started yet).


I admit this isn’t that new but it is kinda like an answer to one of my darkest fantasies…..and I am not sure but I think the burger she is promoting is called the HOT AND SPICY (cut me some slack on that joke, I am all medicated up)

Since I have had some time on my hands the last few days I have re-read a few books from the ole’ bookcase. One was King of Comedy : The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis. Great book BTW.

Over at the Sound of Young America site they posted this video (that I am re posting here) because this is such a great example of Jerry……and who can’t appreciate the line “She is like a Banana, and I am going to peel her”


…….and since it is the weekend and the weather is getting nicer I feel it is important to remind everyone that they should say NO to drugs……if you don’t believe me then maybe you will listen to him


Be well everyone and Go Raptors!


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