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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2008

I beleive the children are our future, treat them well and let them lead the way…

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I travel a lot for my job as Head of Magic at FreshBooks and every time I do travel it seems that something interesting happens…so much so that last week when I was in New York I took pictures of every event and meeting I attended so I could write a long blog post explaining exactly what I do on these trips……but then I realized that I would be giving away the “keys to the store” and decided to just share a few things.

*Oh and this post has some dirty words in it so if you are the shy sensitive type I would suggest you click here and not read any further*

One of the first things I did on this trip after dropping my stuff at the hotel was take a walk. I had an hour to kill before my first appointment and decided to look for something for lunch.

Along my journey I stumbled across a gallery that was having a portfolio review for a local design school and being the curious type, and noticing that there were sandwiches (and they were delicious…especially the chicken with fancy mayo) inside I went in and chatted up a bunch of sexy art school graduates (there might have been some guys in the room but I didn’t notice) and reviewed some portfolios.

Everything I saw was incredible and made me want to do something more creative in my day job. So many ideas came to me from this visit and (for me at least) I found it fascinating to see how peoples work matched their personalities.

One of my favorite examples of work in all the portfolios I viewed was from a very smart and interesting designer named DreaZ (Drea Zlanabitnig). The piece I liked the most was a font she created called PorkChop. Now you are probably saying to yourself “Self…what could be so interesting about a font?” and if you asked yourself that you would be correct. There isn’t much interesting about most fonts but in this case it wasn’t the font so much as what she did to showcase her creation.

You see she had four very plain newsprint posters made using her font with a very bold statement on them. “SHIT” “FUCK” “COCK” and “CUNT” followed my the origin of the word. Then she went and plastered these posters around town for all to see (and I mean, really see) her font.

You may or not not agree with the message of the posters but the concept and idea are brilliant!

Now I could easily go into a long diatribe about how inspiration can hit you in the strangest places or I could tell you all about the ideas I got from this inspiration but instead I want to just show you some pictures of the posters in action and let you see what others are up to and remind you that the goal of a message isn’t always what you think it is!

…and if you were wondering, YES I am the proud owner of two of these posters!

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