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Wednesday, Sep 09, 2009

I have a distinctive voice…come hear it!

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I really need to spruce up my blog and make it more of an info portal instead of just blog posts. The reason I have been thinking about this is ’cause I am getting asked more and more to speak at conferences and infect young minds with my ideas and would love to have a place to tell you all about these appearances without writing a blog post about them.

But until I find some time to do that (or to breath) I am just going to have to fill you in here about my speaking stuff and hope you will come and support the fine folks who see me as a big shot.
So without any further buildup, here are the next 4 opportunities to come out and hear me speak, teach and try to get pretty girls phone numbers.

Canada Post – Think Inside The Box Conference

October 7th at the Toronto Board of Trade
I will be talking in front of Canada Post folks as well as invited guest and the general public about customer service, social media and why making out with your customers is something every company should make a goal in their outreach.

Impact National Conference

November 20-21st at the Westin Harbour Castle Hilton (Toronto)
I am super excited to speak at this conference as the majority of the attendees will be students either finishing up college/university or entering their last years. I will be speaking about Entrepreneurship and ask the students to look inside themselves and see if they have entrepreneurship characteristics in them and if they do I will advise them to drop out of school and start a company. Should be an interesting day!

Canadian Women in Communications

November 25th, 2009
Details on this are still being worked out as far as content of my talk but I said yes without hesitation because I thing this will be an interesting group of folks to pal around with.

Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference

December 16 – Chicago
I will be talking to a group of Supergenius’ to be on how to create offline chatter and unlike many talks I give where I rely on my good looks and charm and speak about how wonderful I am and what I have done in the past I have been asked to speak here about the future and create a step by step formula that people will take away with them so there can be a “little Saul” in a whole new group of offices all over America.
Please come to any or all of these events if you can and it goes without saying that I am available to speak just about anywhere (including prisons, schools, conferences, weddings and funerals) on the topics of Social Media, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Office Culture, Dating and Community Building so please invite me places and I will preform feats of amazement for you and your crowd.
  1. Nothing in Atlanta *sad face*

  2. Allie,

    Invite me to Atlanta and gather up 3 other people and I will come give a talk 🙂


  3. Branding Entrepreneur about 11 years ago

    what about the UK-London to be precise? >.< your talks sound interesting!

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