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Monday, Apr 04, 2009

I have a new job!

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SO if you know anything about me or have read this blog before you will know that I, until a few days ago worked for FreshBooks.

Yes you read that right when I typed “until a few days ago”. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it cause it was only a line before I re-typed it.

Anyway, I have decided to leave FreshBooks to become the HEAD OF…wait a second, before I tell you what I am up to now it is only right to talk about the job I just left.

FreshBooks was the single best job I ever had (including working for myself) and I have so many amazing experiences because of my time there. I owe so much to the people involved with FreshBooks (the Staff, the Customers and the friends I made along my travels) and know that it is the people I will miss the most….even though I am going to try my best to keep up with everyone…and that isn’t just talk.

I don’t want my departure to hurt or effect FreshBooks in anyway so I hope anyone who liked watching what FreshBooks was up to for whatever reason will continue to do so as it really is a pretty special company and an amazing product…and those who are wondering what this means for the FreshBooks twitter account…I urge you all to still follow as you wont notice a change at all since I haven’t been writing it for a month or more and @rlangdon is rocking the account as well as I ever did because her and I share the same ideas on how to make a really great company twitter voice.

SO there ya have it…and what does it all mean?

Well as of a week ago I started a new role and a new chapter in my career. I am now the Head of Magic, Head of Interesting Stuff or just Head of Stuff (still deciding on the title) for is a new way to search online for a home in Canada because it allows you to search by what is really important to you…things like neighborhoods, schools or even shops or services.

…now if you are asking yourself why I would leave FreshBooks (the best job I ever had) to jump over to Zoocasa, I can only really offer you one explanation.

I love a challenge and crave responsibility…Heck, I want to be a household name for my business abilities and not just for being a good kisser, and to accomplish this I need to take a chance.

All this may sound weird but at Zoocasa I am getting the opportunity to build a brand from the earliest possible stage. My fingerprints are going to be all over this and that not only excites me, but also my enormous ego.

SO now that you know what is up with me I invite you to please check out as soon as you can…then check it again in 2 weeks and 2 weeks after that because this is going to look more and more like me with every passing month and if I do a good job you get to share my passion and witness my creativity…and if I fail, you can point your finger and laugh…but either way I ask that you watch what I am up to because I pour my heart into everything I do and at the very least I promise it will be an entertaining ride.

  1. Nice post Saul. Congrats on your new job and kudos for the way you say goodbye to your old job. I am a FreshBooks user becuase I heard about it from you and will remain one. I don’t know yet about buying homes but we will see 🙂

    Best wishes

  2. Congrats on the next challenge in your life. I know it’ll be fun to watch what you do!

  3. Congrats Saul! I know you’ll do just as well at your new job as you do at kissing.

  4. Congrats on the new gig Saul! We’re forever grateful for the blood sweat and tears you put into FreshBooks and all our customers.

    In equal measures we’re proud of you for earning this opportunity and we know you’re going to crush it!

    Good luck!

    Mike McDerment
    FreshBooks Co-Founder and CEO

  5. Congratulations Saul, that’s great news!

    I look forward to seeing how Zoocasa develops!

  6. Mazal Tov, Saul. Like another great man who started life anew on Easter Monday (of course, I mean my great uncle Chaim, who opened his tailor shop on this day in 1964), you are on your way to adding yet another cliff-hanging chapter on the Colt legend.

  7. Saul:

    Congratulations on the new gig! So *this* is what you weren’t able to mention when we met up at #mesh09 last week. In any case, sounds like a fantastic new challenge for you; I look forward to following your magical adventures at zoocasa!

    Bryan | @BryanPerson

  8. Congratulations and on the new gig! I look forward to seeing what great things you bring to your new employer!

  9. Awesomesauce Saul! Congrats on the new gig!

  10. Awesome, Saul. You’ll represent Zoocasa as well, if not better, than you did for Freshbooks. Can’t wait to hear more.

  11. Congrats Saul. It’s inspiring to see that people are still being rewarded for their hard work, and that there are still jobs out there!

    Good luck, and I look for our paths to cross again.

  12. Congratulations and all the best at If what you do for them is half as magic as what you’ve done at FreshBooks, they’ll be thrilled, I’m sure.


  13. Congrats brother. I can’t wait to hear more about your new job and company.

  14. Laurinda Shaver about 11 years ago

    Congrats Saul. We all need stimulation for our enormous egos. LOL. All the best.

  15. Congratulations Saul. I’m really really really happy for you, and sending nothing but good wishes your way. Part of me wishes you took a job in DC just so I could see you more often, but I’m sure Zoocasa will be an amazing experience!

    I can definitely understand what you mean about challenge and jumping in at the start of something new and exciting. I left the best job I ever had in January to take a new gig here in DC because of just that reason, and so far, so good.

    Looking forward to getting updates about the new gig and about your life in general (because I miss you!) as the weeks and months go on. Keep on rockin’ the free world.

  16. Good luck. Let’s hope that this job doesn’t stop you from visiting NYC every now and then.

  17. Congrats Saul! This is really exciting for you. Looks like a pretty cool company.

    Best of luck. Keep in touch!


  18. Woo Hoo! Way to leap into the chaos head first.

    Looking forward to seeing what trouble you get into at Zoocasa.

  19. Congratulations Saul! You’ve done a wonderful job at Freshbooks; looking forward to seeing you manage similar feats for Zoocasa.

  20. Congratulations Saul. You are an inspiration to job searchers. You have taken risks before and won, I know you will succeed in your new appointment.

    Don’t think you will need a resume for a while!

  21. Congratulations Saul! All the best in the new job.

  22. Saul, Mazel Tov! You’ve done a fantastic job at FreshBooks and I am certain that you will perform similar magic at Zoocasa. I am now looking forward to learning more about Zoocasa.

    Does this mean you’re not coming to Seattle anymore? I might have to move now.

  23. Goddammit.

    Now I’m going to want to move to Canada and buy a house, aren’t I?


    Congratulations anyway. I guess.


  24. Congrats Saul! Terrific news.

  25. Meecasa, Zoocasa. Congrats, Saul! I’m sure they’ve got the right guy for the job. Looking forward to the Saulification of Zoocasa in the coming months.

  26. I missssss youuuuu! But even more, I love you. You taught me most of what I know.

  27. Terrific Saul! Congratulations. My best wishes with your new position.

  28. Many, many congrats on the new job! The universe is in constant need of a little more Saul and we’re all excited to see what wonderful things are in store.

    All the best!

    Pam Quiroga

  29. If the American economy tanks and we need to move to Canada, at least we’ll know where to look for a house. You were awesome at freshbooks, best of luck with your new challenge.

  30. Bravo, Saul! Your passion and courage are an inspiration. I hope it goes great. If I ever move to Canada, I’ll be sure to check you out!

  31. Hey Saul!

    Congratulations on the new job. Who knows maybe it is time to buy a house 🙂

    Keep in touch.

  32. Best wishes in your brand new role, Saul! I can’t wait to see what you get up to. Framed velvet prints of you with every purchase? Kissing clauses? The real estate industry will never be the same.

  33. Congratulations, Saul! I’m looking forward to house-hunting … sort of in the same way that I now look forward to billing my clients. 🙂

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