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Monday, Jul 07, 2007

I ran someone over in my car today……

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…and they died.

I know this is going to sound awful but the experience was exhilarating. My heart was racing and all I could think to do was ditch the car and carjack the closest car I could find…wasn’t really a car but rather a dump truck (you can’t be too choosy in this sort of situation) and while I know I got lucky because there were no Police or witnesses, this could have ended very differently.

Your bullshit meter is probably going crazy right now but I assure you all this actually happened to my tonight…thing is that is happened in a video game.

Driv3r to be exact (the poor mans Grand Theft Auto)

I am bringing this up because it got me thinking about expirential marketing (my favorite and something I do better then most) and how to get people’s heart racing as if they just killed someone.

Social Media and web 2.0 are great and valuable (more on my thoughts about those two tomorrow…I am tired right now) and I am in no way discounting it but when people are sitting in front of their computer (like I am doing right now) they are comfortable, maybe distracted or possibly even sleepy (like I am right now). Now if you had a 60’s style kissing booth or were offering Hot Air Balloon rides on a busy downtown corner you are going not only get the full attention of someone but your message is going to get talked about over and over.

Expirential is not cheap but done well the impact is always huge….I just don’t see people making much of an effort to take some risks in exchange for big rewards.

Can’t think of a cool idea for something cool? Drop me an email, tell me what you do and I will send you some freebies…….all I ask is that you tell the cutest girl in the office all about me! (I am good that way)


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