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Monday, Sep 09, 2007

I should shower more often…….

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I should shower more often because this came to me as I was rinsing soap off of my hard to reach places…..and while I considered saving this post for tomorrow I figured if I wrote it tonight I could charge you time and a half for reading it.

I get reflective in the shower as it is one of the places I can truly let my mind wander and I got to thinking of a new story line for a comic book I am writing “Eclipse and Vega vs. Al Queda” and from there I started thinking of all the interviews I did while I was in the comic book industry. I loved doing interviews and worked very hard to make them all interesting. I did this by telling embarassing stories, giving away trade secrets (come on…it was the comics industry) and never never never cancelling an interview no matter what was going on with me.

My two favorite examples were……..the interview that was conducted from Midnight to Three am from a hotel room in Boston while I was on an unrelated business trip and who can forget the hour long interview with me in the waiting room and then exam room of my doctor while I was really sick (these all took place before I had media training).

Anyway as per usual with this here blog I am kinda getting off track so here I go to reel things back in.

In an interview I was asked the standard question of who my industry influences are/where and while my answer today would be the exact same I am pretty sure that the thought process in coming to it would be very different.

My answer was “I am not influenced by anyone…….People all around me are doing great work but if I let people influence me then I am doing a version of their work and not my own”

Even today I think that is pretty clever but to take it further I agree that people really shouldn’t be influenced by other people’s work…..well not if you fancy yourself as a thought leader or a creative type (or even the Smartest Man in the World)

If I was asked that question today I would answer it with the following added to the end.

“While I am not influenced by anyone I do notice that some people inspire me to take chances and make great discoveries. My work is my own and not only do I stand by it (because everyone else is too embarrassed to do so) but I do appreciate and draw from the work of truly great thinkers in the world. Only one person can be the Smartest Man in the World but there is plenty of room for thought leaders”

See…I am still trying to hard to make my quotes interesting.

Well I am not sure if this came out the way I had thunk it up in the shower but I do get easily distracted and forget stuff when I am washing my hard to reach places.


p.s. If you are interested in what a free wheeling podcast/interview sounds like from me (before I had media training and knew what I was doing) check out the incredible Word Balloon Podcast featuring yours truly being interviewed by the beautiful and talented John Siuntres.

….and the doctor office interview If you listen closely you can hear me sweating 🙂

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