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Wednesday, Jun 06, 2009

I take the “Howard Stern” approach to Charity but I am making an exception for Lilah.

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Before Howard Stern moved his show to Sirius Radio I listened to his show every day for 10+ years so even though I didn’t make the move with him to satellite radio I still consider myself a fan and reference the time he and I shared often.

A lot of things Howard talked about his show have stuck with me because if you could get beyond the silliness and “shocking” conversations you would see that his blunt honesty was a pretty accurate explanation of how the real world operates.

So with that lead up I am going to share with you one lesson that always stuck with me from my radio friend “The King of all Media”. Many years ago Howard explained his philosophy on asking for people to support causes and Charity. I am paraphrasing here but basically he said that he understands that he has a lot of influence over his listeners and because of that he never wanted to sell them garbage like T-Shirts and take advantage of them.

Now I don’t pretend to have the same following as Howard Stern but I do share the ideology and never really ask for anything from you guys and while I personally am very charitable, I feel funny asking you all to do things just cause I ask you to.

Ok…well I do ask you to keep reading this here blog and I do ask you to check out (my new company) and I do ask you to tell people I am a good kisser (WOW…I didnt realize how needy I am) but I never ask you to do things on my behalf that cost you money…..and that isnt going to stop now BUT I am going to fill you in on a Charity that I am helping out with and it is something I think is worth a few minutes of your time so you can know a little bit more about.

A family friend of mine has an amazing daughter named Lilah. She is warm and fun just like many 4 and 5 year old children, the only real difference is that Lilah was born with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer that attacks the central nervous system and basically makes things not fun.

Lilah’s condition was found on her first day of her life completely by chance and she was able to receive immediate treatment that surely played a part in her amazing recovery.

But the story doesn’t end there…ya see, Eric and Tammy (Lilah’s parents) decided to start a fund to help raise funds for neuroblastoma research. The fund is called (appropriately) Lilah’s Fund and it is pretty amazing what they have been able to accomplish.

I am writing about this today because this Sunday (June 7th) there is the annual Sunday in the Park with Lilah event and if you are in the Toronto area and find this interesting I urge you to please check it out. This is a special year because Eric, Tammy and Lilah are hoping to pass the 500k milestone in total money raised since inception a few years back.

So here is the part where I ask you for something.

Please look at the website for Lilah’s Fund, read up on what they are doing and if it moves you please help them. If it doesn’t connect with you (and I guess that is possible) please take a moment and tell someone else about it because Lilah is an awesome little girl and more people should know her story.

Thank you.

  1. Thanks for sharing the story. I'll be sure to check it out.

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