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Monday, Jun 06, 2008

I will not be influenced by anything anymore….

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Sitting at gate B20 at Pearson Airport this morning waiting to get on a plane I listened to a guy talking to his travel partner telling him about all the things he credits as influences.

This bothered me because his influences were not original and he wasnt pushing boundaries or being creative in anyway.

SO because of this experience I have made a promise to myself….and I am about to get deep here.

“I will not be influenced by anything anymore….only inspired”

That is all

  1. Quite a challenging undertaking Saul. I have fought with the inspire vs. influence battle for many years, with no sign of victory on my part.

    Maybe I will see you on CP24 when you have it all figured it out. 🙂

  2. I never heard of that influence vs. inspiration battle before. When I think of influence I think of that bad guy with the green jacket from Dick Tracy.

    Influence seems forced – like an outside power is controlling you – whether positive or negative. On the other hand inspiration comes from within. You can draw inspiration from others but at the end of the day you make it your own. It’s human energon!

    With influence you get it from others and then you become an influence junkie. Hating or liking what your influencer recommends. I think the greatest inspiration is when you realize that you yourself inspire others. Hey your an inspiring guy – you did an interview at Tivate right?

    Haha! Okay enough with the deep talk. Saul go kick some ass and let others know what a cool guy you are!

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