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Thursday, Dec 12, 2009

I wish you could see Twitter the way I see Twitter.

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Twitter is a listening tool. Twitter is a sales channel. Twitter is a customer service platform. Twitter is a PR channel. Twitter is cocktail party. Twitter is Twitter. Twitter is a great place to meet chicks.

Get people started talking about Twitter and you will hear all these things because they are all right…and all wrong.

Twitter in reality is a lump of Play Doh.

I spent some time yesterday with Liz Strauss (pictured) and our conversation (and her insights) sparked this idea because she reminded me that no two people share the exact same twitter experience.
What Twitter is to you is dictated by who you follow and what content you are exposed to. If you only follow family members or people in the Ben Affleck fan club then your view of Twitter will be as if it is the most niche conversation site in the world.
Now if you go the other way and follow thousands of folks with no specific common link or are just following people because they follow you or because they are shiny you are going to find yourself in a situation where you are sitting in a room with people talking at you from every direction.
These are two very different extreme scenarios but it gives you an idea on why like Play Doh, you get to dictate what Twitter looks like to you and if anyone jumps into your stream who “ain’t your cup of tea” you just can just block them and go back to shaping your experience to what makes you happiest.
…and speaking of Twitter. I just passed 10,000 tweets and to commemorate the historical moment I made a little video.

10,000th Tweet message. from saulcolt on Vimeo.

  1. Saul,

    That was truly a very nice 10,000th tweet.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  2. I loved your video message.

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