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Monday, Apr 04, 2010

Is quitting the internet the next big trend in Social Media?

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I am proud to say that this is my 600th post. Hard to believe that I have done anything 600 times (but I assure you there are actually 2 things i’ve done this much.)
This whole 600th post thing got me thinking about all the gold I have written and more importantly, can I live up to the past and should I continue to pour my heart out to you on a weekly and sometimes bi weekly basis.
Normally this thought would never pop in to my head but all the recent news of Gary Vaynerchuk scaling back and Geoff Livingston leaving his blog got me wondering if this move is the next big trend in social media?
Gary and Geoff are people I respect a great deal but this post is not about them…it is about Jason Rodriguez. Jason was and is an author, internet pioneer and future restaurant owner. Jason has lived through all incarnations of the internet and there is an urban legend that says he was the inspiration for the Sandra Bullock character in the movie The Net. So knowing all this you can imagine how shocked I was to learn that he is hanging up his wireless mouse and moving on.

This is truly a sad day in internet history.
…and yes this is a joke, a pretty funny one if you ask me 🙂
  1. Interesting. I think Jason makes 2 great points (besides that eating and drinking are necessary).

    The first is that we don't have to be on every social network that exists. For me, Twitter and my blog is where people can find me. I do have a Facebook page but I rarely go on it unless it's to send messages to family or spam my friends.

    The second is that physically connecting with people is important. And I think that the Toronto social media community is amazing at this. Mitch Joel has even said that the "future" of social media is in the meetups and face-to-face interactions.


  2. Hey Saul,

    I expect we'll see more of this (Chris Brogan has been making similar noises of cutting back) simply because it's impossible to be constantly plugged in without blowing a fuse. (Somehow my basement hall light bulb manages this, but the mysteries of my house run deep.)

    As with everything, the pendulum is swinging. I guess the key is to keep track (and check) of what you do, stick to things that work, and be prepared to let go.

    Hope to see you Friday morning!

  3. Congrats on hitting 600! Nicely done! I wanted to send you quick note on an event Gary Vee will be speaking at – April 20th in NY with Michael Eisner, Tom Peters, Anna Bernasek and moderated by Seth Godin. Some top notch names there, so you may want to reserve your seat now:, thanks Kate

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