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Sunday, Mar 03, 2007

Late coming to the party

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I admit I am late jumping on the whole Ipod craze but I have had a Nano since about October. Music is a big part of my like and it has taken me until know to get all my 6078 songs and 300 podcasts loaded up in my computer. Being a passive environmentalist (because selling cds is kinda recycling) as well as an opportunist I figured I would make a trip to the used CD store to unload my collection.

I got to say that this was a humbling experience because after waiting 2 hours for the guy to go through everything he was only interested in about a third of my collection. He said “you taste is awesome and I would personally buy all of this but for the store, I just can’t sell any of this…..I need commercial stuff”.

Not sure what to make of this.

Apparently I have cool taste in music and this makes me a closet hipster but I am just not cool enough to profit on my collection.


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