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Sunday, Oct 10, 2015

Companies Have Till October 19th To Enter To Win Me #winsaul

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I’m Saul Colt and I’ve been called a lot of things in my career but perhaps the thing I get called the most is North America’s best Word of Mouth Marketer and Customer Experience designer and a talented Intrapreneur.

See for yourself —>

I read in a recent Fast Company article that “It’s a brave new world that job seekers face these days.” That statement couldn’t be more true. It used to be that a combination of know-how, experience and lovemaking skill would land you a great gig. The new reality is that key hiring decisions (at least at the screening stage) are based solely on an automated keyword match and that is very troubling for someone like myself.

In my career I have grown and sold a business, been the first international employee for a now global (publicly traded) transportation company, helped grow another business to over 4.5 million users, consulted with over 100 companies and my work has generated revenue in the millions. My accomplishments have been featured in four bestselling books, one not so best selling book, Inc Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and nearly 300 blog posts and podcast appearances. I’ve spoken at SXSW six times, CES in Las Vegas and keynoted over 100 other conferences on the topics of Creative Marketing, Startup Marketing, Stunt Marketing, Community Building, Customer Experience Design and most recently my new concept called Marketing Risk…and yet with all of my accomplishments I still can’t get past most online applications processes because my previous job titles don’t match exactly the one of the posted position or the companies I have done amazing things for don’t sit in the same industry as the one posted or don’t seem as interesting as someone who has had a junior position with a tier 1 brand.

Every step of my career has been a successful engagement except for that one stop that I am “contractually” not allowed to talk about for another year…and boy that will be one interesting blog post.

A normal person would be discouraged by all of this but if you know me at all you know I haven’t been described as normal in a while. So with that in mind I am announcing the “Win Saul” contest where companies can enter to win me as an employee.


Click on me to apply.

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Basically, companies have till October 19th, 2015 (my birthday) to apply to work with me.

Just to be clear, companies need to apply with me (instead of the traditional route of the other way around) and I will contact them to be interviewed by me.

The prize for the winning company could be worth millions of dollars!

One extremely lucky winning company will receive the following:

• The best Creative/Experiential marketing person (Saul) in North America for a term of 18 to 36 months.
• A non-traditional marketing plan to solve your company issues (ie: customers, revenue, branding) fully polished and executed.
• A brand evangelist that will use my considerable reach to share your brand stories.
• A considerable amount of PR attention.
• Access to my network of media people and industry professionals.
• Creative ideas like this –

What I get:

  • An overly modest salary.
  • Benefits and Vacation time. 
  • A comfortable work chair.
  • An impressive Job Title that will impress my Mom’s Mahjong group.
  • Reasonable autonomy to make a difference inside your company.

Things you might be asking yourself:

“Won’t a company look desperate if they apply?”
When I told some people about this idea the feedback I got was that if any company applied people would perceive them as desperate. My response to that is any company that acts on this and wins me obviously cares more about actual success than perception because that’s what I’ll bring.

“Are there any specific companies that should apply, and why?”
I build brands and communities through non-traditional marketing and my sweet spot is with consumer brands and technology. Anyone can apply but some of categories that should apply (because I am most interested in them) are Sports, Entertainment, Luxury Brands, Automotive or Tech Startups. My favorite brands (and who I think would be a win/win situation) would be Nike (favorite brand of all time), Red Bull, Rolex, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Roots Canada, New Era Cap Company, Major Film Studios (Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers), Baseball or Basketball teams (professional or minor league) and finally Porsche or Mercedes Benz. I am not only interested in big brands as I am also really interested in a few startups right now. One startup that intrigues me is Hubba I recently read that they raised a pile of money and I love what they are doing with brands and retailers.

“Are there any Companies that shouldn’t apply?”
Intuit, Apple, Adidas and Uber. They know why.

“What type of company would be a good fit to take advantage of this?”
That answer is simple, any forward thinking companies that recognize an amazing and rare opportunity to be a part of something cool that will result in their company being better by taking a small chance.

Because if you are not willing to take risks then I am not interested in working with you.

All entries will be reviewed and I will contact any finalists who have earned an interview with me. The interview process will be painless as the main things I will be judging you on will be fit, opportunity and whether I feel your company even needs my skills.

If you have made it this far there are only two things left to do:

1 – If you are a company that meets the above description, please click here to apply.

2 – Share This Post!If you think this is interesting and want to help, please share this post. If you are paying attention to this because you wish me to fail, that’s ok too, all I ask is that you please share (link to blog post) as well. We both know you will be happier with a bigger failure. Watch me succeed, watch me fail, either way this is worth a share and as a bonus, the top 10 people who share the post will get a very attractive t-shirt with me on it as a thank you for your time and energy.


…and just to make this seem more official, here is the formal job description:

Saul Colt is offering a unique opportunity for a forward thinking company looking for someone to grow their brand, community or awareness through non-traditional marketing. This company, based in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Portland OR, has a great product and cares for it’s customers. Anyone can apply and will be considered but Industry preference would be in the worlds of Advertising, Sports, Entertainment, Luxury Brands or Tech Startups ie: Nike (favorite brand of all time), Red Bull, Rolex, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, New Era Cap Company, Major Film Studios, Baseball or Basketball teams (professional or minor league) and interesting tech startups right now are

Evolution Of Saul Colt

Companies who have worked with Saul Colt over the last decade have experienced unprecedented growth through non-traditional and creative marketing. Saul is not an seo/ppc expert and will not get excited by a role that is too heavy in those worlds. His career highlights all focus around building memorable brands, large/active communities, high customer engagement, media attention, spectacles and customer advocacy.

About You

You bring deep agency experience leading integrated food and beverage, consumer packaged goods or lifestyle communications teams. You have demonstrated excellence in generating strategic and creative ideas that can advance a client’s business.  Your strong leadership qualities allow you to inspire, attract, motivate, empower, coach and retain staff. You are adept at sharing best practices nationally and have experience supporting business growth across multiple practices, sectors, specialties and offices.  You understand the importance of leveraging both instincts and research-based insights to guide strategy.


Senior Marketing Person or Head of Creative/Experiential Marketing

Primary Location’s Interested In:

USA – New York City
USA – Las Vegas, NV
USA – Los Angeles, CA
USA – Portland, OR

Job Type


Job Posting

Oct 11th, 2015

Your company can be new or established but must have a product or service that people care about and a base of a following. I can do all the rest. Your company must also have the following:

Industry Knowledge And Relationships

Integrated Communications Marketing Experience

Willingness to be great

Strong Leadership

Passion for Innovation and willingness for taking chances and embracing whimsy.

If this sounds like your company or you, please click on the link below and fill out the form.

Only those candidates short listed for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in working with Saul Colt.

You know you want to.

  1. Wait, I thought I was America’s top available creative marketer. We might have to knife fight for this.

    Seriously though, nice concept. i wish you well.

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