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Wednesday, Sep 09, 2008

Liz Strauss is irresistible!

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When I was a kid my Dad used to say I was a people person who didn’t really like people!

He thought this because I was a strange kind of introvert who was quiet and would prefer to be alone but at the same time craved human interaction and attention from people.

Unlike my taste in Music (see last post) I actually am different now then when I was younger and now I love and look forward to being around people…I may not always be the most talkative or cause people to stop and stare but I love the company of people…so much so that I am writing this post from the center of Times Square, NYC, and going back and forth between typing and people watching.

Seeing all the folks here got me thinking of some of the amazing people I have met since I started traveling as much as I do. I have written about a bunch if these folks like Lindy, Gary and so many that I haven’t written about yet like Justin, Rosemarie, Amber, Maddie, I could keep going on and on.

Someone I have been thinking a whole bunch about in the last few days in Liz Strauss. I had the pleasure of spending some time with her last week in Chicago and while we had spoken a few times on the phone and traded a bunch of email it is a very different experience to sit down and look into someones eyes while you talk….because when you have that “AH HA!” moment it is always cooler to let people share it with you!

Liz has lived in a bunch of places and we have a bunch of mutual friends and this all made for interesting conversation but things got SUPER interesting once we started talking about “what we are up to in the next 6 months” because I answered that I am going to be “remarkable” and her response was something that has made me think a great deal.

She simply said “remarkable isn’t enough anymore, you need to be irresistible”

You could easily take this as a tag line or an inspirational quote but I think it is much more…and I may be stretching it here but play along.

Remarkable is something a lot of folks are striving for, some get there and some don’t but remarkable is still a very respectable goal. But irresistible is not only (to borrow a cooking term) kicking it up a notch or the next step but more importantly, it is something you can’t be without other people.

Irresistibility is an emotion and emotions are what make connections to brands and products/services and connections take real people and real people make the difference.

I am not sure if this is exactly what Liz meant buy this but her wisdom has given me at least 45 ideas I am going to be playing with in the next little while

Oh, and Liz…I can’t put into works how much I love this saying and wish I had thought of it first!

  1. Saul,
    To say that you wish you had thought it is the highest compliment. It’s one of my standards of a great idea . . . “Gee I wish I would’ve thought of that!”

    Next time we talk ask me what the other two above that are. 🙂

    It was my pleasure to spend time with you. You’re not a stranger anymore. 🙂

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