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Sunday, Apr 04, 2007

Lots of unconnected stuff…..stuff I like, sneakerhunt, my friend Josh and cereal is delicious!

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Hi everyone!,

This is going to be a pretty long post so I suggest you get comfy….pour yourself a libation and maybe loosen the belt a notch or two.

First let me say that the genesis of this post is to let you in on what stuff I am digging right now. I am always looking for validation in my likes and dislikes since I sometimes suffer from low self esteem so if you dig what I dig why not drop me a note and tell me I am cool or something.

Anyway like the title states, this is going to be a long unconnected post with lots of stuff and videos. My weekend began with a sneakerhunt. I am on the prowl for a pair of the new Nike release “Kool Bob Love” Air Force Ones.

I can’t begin to explain how or why these are so cool (or KOOL) and why I want a pair but if you do require a clue go and googleBobbito Garcia” He is the guy who designed these and is a “playground legend”. Needless to say I could not find a pair but I did end up buying a pair of AF1’s….just not for me. My son Jake got his first pair (Black on Black with a baby blue sole). I gotta say it was a strange thrill to see him wearing these. He and I dress the same all the time because I think it is funny but this took it to a whole new level and I kinda hope he will pick up my love for skeaks!

I also got to catch up on a bunch of TV this weekend and I gotta say there are some awesome shows right now. Mid season replacement Raines is a great show and Jeff Goldblum is perfect in it. I love the way his imaginary “Friends” change and grow in personality as the holes are filled. I also watched the first three hours of DRIVE and I am sucked right in. For those who have not seen this it is a combination of Cannonball Run (without anyone as cool as Sammy Davis Jr.) and the Micheal Douglas/Sean Penn film “The Game” (a brilliant movie BTW). Lots of twists and turns (pardon the pun) and everything is not what is seems. Other shows I am caught up on now are Penn and Teller’s Bullshit…..loved the Wal Mart episode…..Still digging 24 but I am two episodes behind so I don’t really know what is up right now with that and of course my favorite show right now is still Heroes (bet you thought I would say Iconoclast!). Heroes come back tomorrow and I am jazzed about that and am going to try my best to watch it in real time and not on tape!

I made a trip to the book store this weekend as well (you may be surprised to learn that I am a voracious reader) I picked a few new books……..Belushi by John Belushi’s widow. It was on the bargain table so it only cost me $9.00. Just skimmed the book so I can’t comment but it looks pretty cool. The other books were The Woods by Harlan Coben (one of my five favorite fiction authors…others being Lee Child, Micheal Connolly, Brad Meltzer and Stephen J. Cannell) and finally I, Goldstein by Al Goldstein. This one I started reading right away and I am loving it. It isn’t often that you get to read a heartwarming tale of North America’s second most famous porn publisher. The book is a quick read but the stories are funny, interesting and definitely colorful! One book I was interested in reading but there were no copies in stock is Def Jam Inc. The story of how Def Jam records came to be one of the most powerful labels in music…..I will keep looking for this!

While we are still on the topics of books I want to alert you all to a GREAT new book written by my friend Josh Fialkov. Many of you who know me have probably heard me talk about Josh and several people assume I have a huge crush on him. Josh’s Book is called “Elks Run” and it is a great read. Here is a little interview with Josh and try to check out the book if you can!

One thing I did not get to do this weekend was watch any movies….but I did see some super cool trailers. The first being THE BOURNE ULTIMTIUM. I like Matt Damon and I think the Bourne films are pretty cool. Another franchise I dig is the Oceans films. Oceans 13 looks very cool and while I am not looking forward to it more then Spider-Man 3, I will definitely see this film!

I am starting to loose steam here so I will begin to wind it down. Many of you may know that I am one of those folks who commutes almost two hours each way to work every day…..why? Well I like my job….and I love listening to pod casts! A few you should check out are The Sound of Young America, ESPN’s PTI, The Tony Kornheiser Show, Smodcast (the Kevin Smith/Scott Mosier podcast), and finally of course the best radio show/podcast in the world (IMHO) THIS AMERICAN LIFE…..but that being said, The Sound of Young America is a real close second!


done here……I love belt buckles and the coolest belt buckles in the free world are made by Jon Wye ( I have a few of his buckles and am currently in love with the graffiti belt with the JUNK buckle and I am petty sure I will have to pick this up soon.

Finally, and this is serious, I feel the need to tell you that cereal is delicious


for indulging me


  1. That’s very nice of you to say. Being compared to This American Life is a great honor — if it weren’t for that show, I don’t think I’d be in radio. Anyway, glad you enjoy the show, and thanks for plugging it. — Jesse (from TSOYA)

  2. WOW!

    Thanks Jesse…I am listening to your show as a type this!


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