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Monday, Nov 11, 2010

Never forget to ask for what you want!

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I have never been afraid to ask for what I want…so much so that some people think I am emotionally unadjusted because based on social norms I ask for things too soon, but that is a story (or series of stories) for another post.

This post is about The Window Farms Project (not a client, have no professional interest other then I thought this was interesting). They came onto my radar because of a blog post a friend sent me that they wrote about being on the Martha Stewart Show (there is a great video in this link), and what should have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for a small company with a unique product (that speaks directly to the Martha Stewart audience) didn’t end up as so because they made the wrong ask and directed people to join their community instead of highlighting their products and asking for a sale.

There is an old saying that “People don’t like to be marketed to but they sure love to buy stuff” and I honestly believe that but at the same time when you are afforded an opportunity you need to jump on it and in this situation instead of “asking” for the sale during this opportunity they chose to emphasize their social mission (very honorable and important) and not mention their kits (how I assume they fund their mission).

According to the post they did get the Martha Stewart traffic bump but it didn’t translate in sales because the links they sent people to were the wrong place to match their immediate goals. (moving product so they could plan for the holiday season and new year) resulting in a missed opportunity.

It is easy to point a finger and point out the error in their decision but they have already done it themselves so instead, and since I already mentioned that I am not afraid to ask for anything, I’m going to make their ask for them.

Please check out the web site and if this is your sort of thing (or if you know people who would dig this) why not consider placing an order, or passing this link on to people so that the Widow Farms folks are not spending their post Thanksgiving eating leftovers and thinking about what could have been.

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  2. i walked away from many sites during Cyber Monday because the links ended up being dead ends or sold out. I simply had no patience for it.

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