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Tuesday, Aug 08, 2007

Missed opportunity……..or…… Nike smarter then me?

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Hi Everyone,

I am “broadcasting” today in a weakened state….kinda feeling physically bleh with some medical stuff that I won’t bore you with. I spent most of yesterday early evening in bed unable to sit up and today (while at work cause I am a trooper and have a super important meeting) I am feeling better (kinda/sorta/not really) and can at least I can sit and try not to think of my sore kidneys.

Now that I have that out of the way I want to say this may not be my most insightful post ever but there is still some merit….or at least I think there is merit but I can’t really tell.

So I am in bed flipping around the TV channels and the only thing I could find worth watching was the US OPEN tennis tourney. Serena Williams was playing last night and while I was watching the match I was very distracted….distracted from the pain in my body but also from Serena William’s outfit. She was wearing a very nice black tennis dress with a pink bow across the bust. Now since I mentioned her bust I assume you are thinking that this is what was the distracting part but it wasn’t………… was her shoes.

Why her shoes you ask? (did you ask?)

Well her shoes were white.

This may seem silly or even ridiculous or even a waste of your time but I was distracted by her white shoes and wondered why she didn’t have black shoes with a pink Nike swoosh to match the whole outfit and showcase an entire clothing line so regular folks could run to their local shop and “Be Like Serena”

I am not sure if it is just my brain or the narcotics working their way through my bloodstream but I kept wondering if Nike did this on purpose to get people like me to wonder why she wasn’t wearing matching shoes but then I came to the conclusion that no one thinks like me so I ruled that possibility out……..then the drugs really kicked in and I passed out……….and in my sleep I dreamt I could turn myself invisible 🙂

See I wasn’t kidding when I said this wasn’t going to be a very strong post! Once my head clears from my pharmaceutical haze I will be back with more thoughtful output.

Hope everyone is well!


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