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Saturday, Oct 10, 2008

Music makes the people come together

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They tried to give me advice
Down at the record shop
I said sit down boys
This may come as a shock
What’s all I listen to
It’s all freedom rock -Frank Black

Music is one of not only my favorite things but also something I draw a lot of inspiration from. I devour music and absorb music and let it sweep over me but at the same time I have a certain tunnel vision towards what I like and tend to listen to the same stuff over and over because I don’t really follow what is new out there and decent.

This is why I am pretty jazzed about the new Allan Cross project called

Basically is this

ExploreMusic is a new web and radio service dedicated exclusively to music discovery. Hosted by Alan Cross, Canada’s pre-eminent new rock expert and longtime host of The Ongoing History of New Music, ExploreMusic offers a resource for context, recommendation and artist/music exploration.

By leveraging the success of Canada’s top two music documentary radio features – The Ongoing History of New Music and The Legends of Classic Rock – ExploreMusic features the latest music news and opinion, interviews with established and emerging artists, behind-the-scenes information, technology and a host of other music-related topics. We combine the power and reach of radio with the unlimited potential of the internet, connecting rock fans with music and each other.


While there are a number of online music services that provide users with a selection of music to meet varying tastes, almost all use “predictive algorithms” computer programs or artificial intelligence. At ExploreMusic we believe music should not be recommended by robots, instead, when you tune-in or logon you can be sure real people with real passion and real opinions about music will be there to guide you on your musical journey.

Now if you excuse me I am going to explore!

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