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Thursday, Mar 03, 2007

My couple of days as Stephen Colbert!

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Regular readers to my little blog would have seen that last week I posted a video from the Stephen Colbert Lookalike Contest. What I didn’t mention at the time was that the video in question was made by me and the Happy Worker gang (Kris and Shirley). It was a last minute idea but I think out video came out pretty good for one long days work.

Anyway, the contest only had 7 entries that I could see and they were to select the top 5. Our entry wasn’t selected because we were not a “person” so I did what any person would do when they are wronged in some way…………I staged a protest.

This picture and a media advisory was sent out to a bunch of places offering up the Stephen Colbert Action Figure up for interviews in response to STEPHEN COLBERT DAY in Oshawa, Ontario.

We (the Happy Worker gang) made the trip out to Oshawa for the event and while we didn’t have “official” media access we did have something just as good.


We pretty much walked where ever we wanted (including on the ice and the backstage area) because we had the Steven Colbert figure with us so no one even asked if we were supposed to be there. The event was fun and we ended up getting coverage of our story on CP24 as well as the Toronto Sun.

By now I assume you are asking why we did this……well besides the fact that we are huge Daily Show/Colbert Report fans we also want to make this toy and bring it to market.

I realize talking about this before any deal is consummated is not wise but I want as much fan support behind this project as possible. Feel free to re post these pictures or pass this story along.

I will keep you all updated on the progress of our pitch and I hope to have cool news on this in the near future!

Me , Stephen and the Mayor of Oshawa John Grey

One more thing…..after the event was over we were backstage and I ran into the judges from the lookalike contest. Continuing on our protest I gave them a piece of my mind (in a joking way) and we all kissed and made up.


  1. I thought the folks down south would find this interesting. Enjoy the shameless linkage!

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