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Thursday, Aug 08, 2011

Will today be the day people most remember Apple for?

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When I was a kid and asked a question I should have known the answer to my Dad would occasionally ask me “Are You New?”

Don’t judge. It was a different time and he really didn’t mean anything mean by it and trust me I’m not scarred or anything but until today I never really liked the expression.

So why the sudden change of heart on my side? Well, Steve Jobs’ final act as outgoing CEO of Apple was to make Urbandig’s iPhone app (<—please download it now) a New and Noteworthy pick and a Staff Pick at the same time.

For those not paying attention, is a company I co-founded with some friends and is my 8pm to 1am project. Urbandig is designed for locals, travelers and voyeurs, this app will uncover the unexpected, off the beaten path and highly interesting places that only a few people know about.

History may show that it wasn’t Steve himself but until then I choose to believe my version of the story…and yes, finally I am proud to be called “NEW”

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