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Monday, Oct 10, 2011

I know what I Love, See and Do.

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In the last post I talked about Steve Jobs, Jelly Helm and vision. I am still on a bit of Jelly Helm kick so I am going to keep on him a little longer. A few months back when I was introduced to Jelly I was fascinated (and still am) by something he said.

I am paraphrasing here but he said before he works with people he asks them to answer 3 questions.

Jelly Helm asking three questions

1-What do I love?

2-What do I see that no one else does?

3- What do I do?

I’ve walked around with these questions in my head for a while after I heard them because while it seems silly and easy, they are actually pretty difficult to answer if you are going to be honest with yourself but I am going to try because I had an experience this past week that taught me a little about myself and gave me the breakthrough on the answers.

So here goes:

1: I love creating experiences that people will never forget and talk about over and over.

2: I see as clear as day what “you can get away with” and am able to make decisions if it is worth going over the line or staying inside of it.

3: I execute, follow through and never fail.

Sure this all sounds very “look at me, i’m awesome” but I urge you to try to answer these questions for yourself. Leave me a comment and let me how it went because this process and my “breakthrough” experience opened my eyes to something very important about myself and now I realize that the thing that makes me different than most (if not everyone) is that I am not afraid to get hurt personally or professionally if I know I am right about something. I will always put myself out there to make something work or to make something better because to be different or visionary you need to take some risks and sometimes risk makes people uncomfortable.

In 2008 I wrote a blog post for a now defunct AOL owned property about how Twitter was going to ruin long form conversation. The post was pseudo tounge in cheek and when it got a series of negative comments I was told I could never contribute to the site again, ever. Well guess what. Read the post now and a lot of what I said came true (sorta). This is why standing up for what you know is right is important…because there is probably something you see that no one else does.

So what is it that you love, see and do?

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