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Monday, Nov 11, 2012

After half a decade I’ve decided to leave FreshBooks. Here’s Why.

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This may come as a surprise to some of you loyal readers but I’m no longer a part of FreshBooks. As a way to avoid being asked “why?” over and over for the next few months I figured I would take the streets and explain it here.

Just so there is no confusion this isn’t going to be a mean spirited post full of venom and gossip so if that’s your thing you may be a little bored…and I considered offering up a humorous explanation for my departure ie: just found out the world was ending and wanted to spend time with loved ones or because they wouldn’t give me time off to take advantage of Black Friday deals and I even built a contest web site for companies to jump through hoops to hire me but suspected some of you folks that skim blog posts may not catch the joke and would just brand me a crazy person.

So with that out of the way here goes.

By my rough calculations I’ve been a part of FreshBooks for approx. 1591 days totalling about a half a decade. In that time I’ve done a few hundred projects that I’m very proud of and can say without hesitation that the legend of Saul! would not be as impressive without my time and travels representing the company. I’ve managed some great people, made some amazing friends (co-workers and customers, all of who I plan of working extra hard to keep as friends) and like to think I’ve taught some stuff so that even though I’m not with FreshBooks officially my spirit will live on a bit.

At this point I assume you’re asking yourself “Self, who are you and if things are so great why would you give all this up?” To answer both your questions, I am Saul Colt and I am one of North America’s best Word of Mouth and Customer Experience Marketers, and the answer to the other is because I started sleeping too well.

One of my favorite questions asked in interviews is always “what’s keeping you up at night?” Because it makes you think of the challenges facing you.

In my role at FreshBooks I had done so many things and figured out systems to keep things humming that the only real thing keeping me up at night is that I like to exercise after midnight. My career was on autopilot because I had done so many amazing things and momentum was rolling “up and to the right”.

Most people would be happy with this and I was for a very long time but it just seemed like a good time to shake things up again and stop sleeping. Get back to building things (brands, communities, companies) and finding something to really push me again to figure stuff out all over again.

So what’s next for me? Honestly I am not sure. I’m keynoting a bunch of conferences coming up in the new year and I’m almost finished negotiating a book deal. Have had a few promising conversations with some amazing opportunities but with nothing finalized I would love to have some more so if you think I can help your company (as a consultant, full time role or just to come in and speak to your group) please reach out. Don’t be shy! Please email me at Saul! Email

So to re-cap here are your four takeaways from this post.

1- I’m available for hire. Reach out. Lets Talk!

2 – If you’re a current customer of FreshBooks please continue to be. There is no secret message in this. The company is doing great and will continue to do so.

3 – If you’re thinking of trying FreshBooks soon use my referral link. I could use the income. #kidding #maybe

4 – If we’ve ever worked together or you’ve just been impressed by me please consider giving me a recommendation over at LinkedIn. I’d really appreciate it.

  1. Best of luck, Saul. Freshbooks will miss you. You have done an amazing job with them.
    I am excited to see what comes next.

  2. Good luck with your new ventures, Saul!

  3. And just like that, FRSH is down 8% and SAUL is up 49% in after-hours trading. But maybe that’s just because it’s dark.

    Congratulations, friend. Excited to chat about your next chapter.

    • I am running out of ways to say thank you but I do appreciate you taking the time to comment on the post.

  4. Diana Tarasca about 7 years ago

    To the grandest UnModel out there, best of luck!

  5. You have always been a class act and an inspiration, Saul. You shall make another company very happy soon!

    • E.B.,

      Thank you for the note and thanks for being a regular guest at stuff I was hosting in NYC. I always enjoy seeing you.


  6. I hope to be in a position to hire you sometime. In the meantime, I hope you get some great clients!

  7. Good luck! I am a happy Freshbooks customer and I like that someone I know helped make that possible. You’re like a superhero. A superhero can’t sit around idle, he must act! You need a new case to solve, a new damsel (er, company) to save.

    Does that mean that your job is available? ’cause I’m looking…
    (Kidding about the first part.)

  8. Keep being original Saul

  9. Keep on keeping on! (Sounds like a yearbook quote, yes?) Looking forward to your book when that happens and excited for the next adventure! To quote Oscar Wilde, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

    • hey Skyle,

      I love Oscar Wilde quotes. A good friend gave me a book of them and read it all the time. Thanks for the note and a new quote 🙂


  10. I admire your balls. Wait, that came out wrong…

    Seriously though, you’re an inspiration and your drive to challenge yourself is admirable. We haven’t really met but I hope we get to someday. 🙂 Rock on!

  11. Onwards and upwards Saul! Best of luck and I know you’ll land somewhere great!

  12. Good luck Saul. I am sure you will land on your feet and create more magic soon!

  13. Congrats dude. Best of luck!

  14. I as well admire your balls… and the new going it on your own thing is pretty cool too.

    Peapod is officially reaching out, and we’ll need to have a lunch.Pronto.

  15. Saul, you are the #1 person who stands out at FreshBooks for me (and you will continue to–sorry). I had the opportunity to witness your outstanding wit and personality at that kinner FB threw for us Angeleno customers at Ketchup several years ago. Ever since then using FB has made me smile.
    I’m glad you’re leaving to do greater things, as I see magnificent potential in you. And I’m glad you still have great things to say about FB as I enjoy using them.
    I will check in to see what you’re up to, hoping o hear great things. Tnjoy the holidays with your free time. And get back to exercising at night.

    • Hi Chaz,

      Thanks for the kind words and for not forgetting me. I remember you as well! I am glad I had a positive impression on you and look forward to letting you know whats next, once I know.


  16. Hi Saul:

    Beautifully said. Congratulations on your new adventure. Certainly the best is yet to come!



  17. Anybody with a Marketing Over Coffee Award under their belt is sure to land a new gig with a huge corner office that you never have to go to, a fancy company car, and a salary that would make Warren Buffet blush. I can’t wait to see what you do next Saul! BTW, you can cook ramen noodles and hot dogs together in the same pot if you need to bring your utility costs down 😉

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