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Friday, Oct 10, 2008

Nothing really to see here….

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[Disclaimer – This is very different from the usual fair I post up here but this is something I wrote for someone else and they decided not to use it…I like it and figured until I find the time to write a few of the 5 blog posts I have in my head I would just share this….for no real reason]

Back in the 60’s people predicted that one day we would all be driving flying cars.

Fast forward more than 45 years, computers are no longer the size of bookcases but are so commonplace that most homes have one or possibly two.

Technology is changing faster then ever and as people become more and more comfortable with software moving to the web we are going to continue to see computers getting smaller and people running full businesses from hand held devices. Software in the future, and by future I mean many months and not many years, will be simpler and more intuitive and with more people working on mobile devices and not visiting web sites anymore. Because of things like RSS feeds you will see more steak and less sizzle. Design will always be important but people are going to expect applications to work and take away a pain on their lives, and not just be visually appealing.

Online software is going to have to offer more than just a stripped down service to attract people to their service. Value Additions like mobile accessibility so they can work from anywhere, benchmarking data to better understand your business are extra ways to cure pains and make an impact on how people view your company.

SaaS or Cloud Computing is not only the future but also the present and this is part of what makes this a very exciting time for everyone and while I have come to grips with the fact I will probably never drive a flying car I am excited to see what the world looks like a few years from now.

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