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Tuesday, Oct 10, 2007

Now there is more of “SAUL” to love!

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For those of you who just can’t get enough of me (and I know of at least three of you) I am here to announce that there is now more ways to get “SAUL”

This is still the best place since I post here all the time and will be increasing the output over the next few weeks but if you want to read or hear more of me you can now find me writing (on a semi regular basis) about shopping at Bargainista. My latest post is about buying Air Jordans for my son.……and if you want to hear my silky smooth voice you can now hear my as a semi regular contributor to Six Pixels of Separation (The Twist Image/Mitch Joel Podcast) where I will be talking about stuff I find interesting and sharing some ideas…..sorta like here but will alot more “umms”.

Stick around for more posts today as I have a doozy of an idea cooking as well I am going to share some news!


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