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Photos from the Drupal Conference in San Francisco, CA 2010

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2010

The new/old Gap logo didn’t stop me from buying Jeans.

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I bought a pair of Jeans last night at the Gap. Now If you are internet savvy you are probably asking yourself how I could possibly enter that store in light of all the chatter about them changing their logo …
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Tuesday, Sep 09, 2010

Will The “FaceBook” movie suffer the same fate as Scott Pilgrim?

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I am excited to see the “Facebook” Movie. From everything I have read it is sounds like a well put together film and great story (true or not) and I will probably see it first weekend…but I got to wondering …
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Sunday, Sep 09, 2010

Transparency will soon be replaced by invisibility.

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I get a lot of calls from Head Hunters looking to fill roles. They always ask me who the “hot person” is right now in Social Media and who would I recommend for a great role etc etc. When this …
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